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Thread: Reduce PowerPoint file size in Mac Office 2008

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    Reduce PowerPoint file size in Mac Office 2008

    I am using the Mac system in which I have installed the MS office 2008. The thing is that there are several PowerPoint files in my computer and in which some of them are large and some of them are small. But now I would like to reduce size of those large files but I don’t know how to do it in Mac. Does anyone know about it?

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    Re: Reduce PowerPoint file size in Mac Office 2008

    Open your Powerpoint presentation ds. Save to File Type: "JPEG File Interchange" It will create a folder in which it transfers your slides in the right size and definition. We must rebuild your slide show by taking these slides, you lose against by any form (sound, transitions ...) and you cannot change the existing texts, they are part of the slides. The idea is to provide it at the start: Select photos by themselves ds presentation, save it as JPEG, and restart a new presentation with the slides in the right format and finish before saving in Slideshow to send it. On a slide show of 55.5MB I switched to 1.75MB

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    Re: Reduce PowerPoint file size in Mac Office 2008

    I don’t think that there could be any way in Mac or OS X Lion in order to reduce the size of PPT file. The only possible way I think is make use of some third party tools for compressing PPTs individual contents otherwise use the techniques in windows version.

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    Re: Reduce PowerPoint file size in Mac Office 2008

    If you are not passed over in OpenOffice and still use the Microsoft Office suite, there is a little known feature that significantly reduces the size of a Word document, PowerPoint or Publisher that contains images.

    This is useful only if your document contains at least one image (photography, art ...). This option allows you to optimize all the images used by removing the cropped areas and compressing all images at 96 dpi or 200 dpi, depending on whether one wants to obtain a quality suitable for reading on screen or the impression.

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    Re: Reduce PowerPoint file size in Mac Office 2008

    • Compress images of the pieces from Format> Compress Picture in PowerPoint 2007
    • Before you add images to presentations to compress JPG XIE Free Compressor
    • Use links to Youtube, Ovi, for multimedia, not necessarily the audios and videos must be embedded in presentations.
    • Distribute copies of the files in other formats such as PDF

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    Re: Reduce PowerPoint file size in Mac Office 2008

    It depends on the question of size, of course, the quantity, format and resolution you've given to the media components that you included in your presentation. I guess that Mac will be some ad hoc programs if you had Windows I would recommend the Geovid Presentation to Video Converter.

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    Re: Reduce PowerPoint file size in Mac Office 2008

    Possible solutions to reduce the size of the file:
    • From Tools-Options-Save, remove the check mark “Quick Save”
    • From Tools-Options-Save, make sure it is select save the file as a Powerpoint presentation
    • From File menu Properties-remove the check mark to Save preview image or to add a slide at the beginning white presentation. Thus, in the preview, will be see the white slide and this will lead to a scaling Total file size
    • Copy the individual slides into a new file and save
    • Restart your system after you have emptied the TEMP folder of Windows
    • Avoid to save the presentation in a manner consistent with the earlier versions of PowerPoint because this choice result in a significant overall size of the file

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