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Thread: Unable to launch Internet Explorer

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    Unable to launch Internet Explorer

    Hello I am new to the forums and am hoping someone here can help me with this issue:

    I am running Windows XP Home Edition 2002 Service Pack 3 and unable to launch Internet Explorer. When I try to launch it from the shortcut or from the exe file it displays Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

    It's not a permissions issue. I can not launch IE at all. Not even in Safe Mode.

    I wanted to just remove it and re-install but that has failed also. I can't remove it as it doesn't appear in the Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and just deleting the folder was a no go as well as it appears it is an essential item.

    I tried to repair it by re-installing from Microsoft site but that fails as well and just puts a Troubleshooting IE link on my desktop that I can't open with IE since it doesn't launch.

    I have the old installation disk and tried to use that to install Windows components but that didn't work either.

    I can use other browsers, Safari and Firefox, just fine to access the Internet.

    I would really like to get IE repaired though. Any ideas?

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    Re: Unable to launch Internet Explorer

    If you are getting the problem when trying to start that from the shortcut then just delete that shortcut from the desktop and then simply go to c:\Windows\ie7 and from here you can make a new shortcut for this. But remember that it will only work if there is no problem with the installed file.

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    Re: Unable to launch Internet Explorer

    That wasn't helpful. As I wrote it won't launch from the exe file either so just making another shortcut to where if won't launch from won't help.

    I also tried to do a System Restore but when I tried that Iit displayed a message The ordinal 325 could not be located in the dynamic link library SHDOCVW.all.

    That file is in the c:\windows\system32 folder though.

    I've tried to register and reboot and it succeds but System Restore still won't launch. Instead it gives a blank System Restore window.

    Tried to replace that dll file with a backup and one from my old install disk and still a no go.

    Got fed up and called Microsoft and had a tech on there try to get that dll file repaired/replaced but he failed too. His advise was to unistall service pack 3 and 2 and try to replace the dll from install disk again.

    That's where I am at now...

    Anyone have any other input please before have to reinstall the OS just to get the stupid browser to work? Thanks!

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    Re: Unable to launch Internet Explorer

    Okay, another update on my issue. I uninstall Windows XP Swrvice Pack 3 and then I was able to successfully replace the bad dll file with one from the install disk. That got System Restore working but IE still down for the count with the same message. I am going to reinstall the Service Pack 3 later and keep at it. Any input on how to repair IE is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Unable to launch Internet Explorer

    First of all download the internet explorer 8 from the microsoft website. After that go to your control panel then add or remove program and at the left side you can see a icon that says add/remove windows component. Simply click on it and then you will see Internet explorer in the list, just untick it and windows will uninstall the internet explorer. Now double click the internet explorer 8 that you have downloaded and let it install. Now once again go to add/remove windows component and this time tick the internet explorer icon. In the next reboot the internet explorer should be working fine for you.

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    Re: Unable to launch Internet Explorer

    Does anyone actually read what I posted?

    I have already tried dowloading IE from the Microsoft website.

    I also put that it doesnt appear in the Add/Remove Programs.

    If you are not going to read and comprehend what the problem is please don't respond.

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