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Thread: Is coreplayer 2.0 released for android

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    Is coreplayer 2.0 released for android

    Does Coreplayer 2.0 is released for android. I am unable to find the latest edition here. Many says that old version is buggy and will not work well. Some of my friend said that they are using the 2.0 edition which is quiet stable and fast. It works well and supports a huge amount of file format. Where can I find the download of this latest Core Player. Or is there anything better that I can use on my phone.

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    Did you tried to find the same on Google Play. That is the place where you can find the latest version of Core Player. I am using MX Player. It is one of the best multimedia player through which you can run almost all kind of videos. It works really fast and does not any codec bug. You have to add a mx player codec pack with this to make it work proper. Just test this one and see whether it is able to run all type of video formats or not.

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    If you are talking about Core Media Player then you can get 1.23. This one is the latest and there is no upgraded version provided. You can download and test this out on your tablet. There are tons of free media players available on Google Play. Among all I also think that MX Player is the best one. This player has nice interface with required options. You can play whichever video you want. You don't have to rely on the codecs also.

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    MX Player is bit heavy. If you try to play hd videos on that it will work slow. I had seen the codec pack that is added with the player is also quiet large in size. The only issue with this player is that it occupies too much of space. The current core players which is available does not read all file formats. It also freezes sometime. You can also try using VLC. This is also quiet easy to use and has good interface.

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