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Thread: How to Uninstall Deep Freeze if I lost password?

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    How to Uninstall Deep Freeze if I lost password?

    I have installed Deep Freeze in my computer but unfortunately I lost its password. And, now I want to install some software on it. But after installing, when I do a restart of my computer, the installed software gets removed and it is not installed. This is all because of deep freeze. That’s why now I want to uninstall it. But, I am not able to do that also, because I don’t have the password of Deep Freeze. If anyone knows how to uninstall it without password, then please reply.

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    Re: How to Uninstall Deep Freeze if I lost password?

    I have the same problem because of my Deep Freeze 6. Please help uninstalling it. I searched on Google and I even tried unfreezer program but it detected Deep Freeze. I have valid password but it is not working. Please reply with any solution.

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    Re: How to Uninstall Deep Freeze if I lost password?

    Here I have a solution for uninstalling deep freeze. You will not require any bootable disc to delete the driver and keys. You will not require even any program also. The all you have to do is, be quick else you will be failing to uninstall it. Following are the steps to uninstall deep freeze without knowing the password.
    • First change your bios date 3 years back from the current date by going in bios setup. This is because; deep freeze did not exist at that time. Now save the setting and do a restart of your computer.
    • Now when your Computer starts, press F8 on your keyboard to select boot options. And among those options, just select ‘Windows Debugging Mode'.
    • Now, as soon as Welcome screen appears, be ready in position to press ctrl+alt+del to open the task manager.
    • And when the desktop screen appears, immediately press ctrl+alt+del which will open task manager.
    • As soon as task manager opens, immediately kill DF5Serv.exe process. To kill a process you can press DEL.
    • When the process terminates completely, just restart your computer and change the date to present date and then again reboot your computer. Now you will see deep freeze icon has a mark as x, which means it is disabled.
    • Now, simply run Deep Freeze uninstaller. It will uninstall deep freeze from your computer.

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    Re: How to Uninstall Deep Freeze if I lost password?

    I am little confused with the above steps as, I think if I will try to set the bios date to 3 years back, then my all programs, that I have installed later to that date, may get removed. I am not sure about it, but I don’t want to take such risk. As I mentioned above, I have valid password, but it is not working when I enter it. I want to install other software but, after restart programs gets deleted as my computer is in frozen mode. So, I want to uninstall Deep Freez, but I don’t want to lose my stored programs from my Computer.

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    Re: How to Uninstall Deep Freeze if I lost password?

    I've found a way I don't know why I haven't seen it on other websites before but here goes
    1-press shift and double click the deep freeze icon in the task bar
    2-write down otp token
    3-open deep freeze console from the start menu faronics' folder
    4-press tools ------- then one time passwords
    5- in the token area write the otp token which you have written before , then click generate
    6- now copy the generated password and open the deep freeze task bar icon again and paste the password then the dialog will appear where it says it can reboot thawed for 1,2,3......etc times so you choose and make the changes you want including uninstalling deep freeze , just wanted to share sorry if it doesn't work or anything

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