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Thread: How to disable HP Update pop-up window

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    How to disable HP Update pop-up window

    Most of you might have seen that there is a HP update pop-up windows shows up every time when you restart your PC. This might be irritation in some situation when the update is not necessary or the software is already updated. In order to disable this this you need to go to msconfig and put out of action each and every one HP entries apart from Digital Imaging Monitor and hpqste08. I hope that you know how to do it in your version of Windows OS. After the disable you need to restart the computer to take effect.

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    Re: How to disable HP Update pop-up window

    I'm not certain if your OS is Vista otherwise XP, except I have Vista and had the similar trouble; I'd click on the HP Update from Start menu and not anything would occur and those limited pop-ups from HP Update kept recurring, driving me crazy. What I studied and found was that I required uninstalling the HP Update program. Afterward walk off to Recovery Manager - Software Program Reinstaller and choose the HP Update Software from there and afterward go after the instructions to completely reinstall it.

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