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Thread: how to get drivers for Toshiba satellite C660

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    how to get drivers for Toshiba satellite C660

    Last month I bought a brand new laptop Toshiba satellite C660. Because of huge downloading from internet on my laptop, itís getting affected due to virus. So I booted my laptop with Window vista CD. But after installing window I remember that I donít have driver CD of my laptop. Thatís why I searched driver on internet but there also I didnít get any driver setup. So friend currently I am despair about this problem. Please tell me where I will get this driver. Thanks in advanced for your suggestion.

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    Re: how to get drivers for Toshiba satellite C660

    No need worry friend Iím familiar with your problem because last week I also face same problem. So I search on Google for drivers software, then Google provide me one link through that I link I got another link which gave me option for downloading the driver software. I save it on my hard disk and then makes its recovery disk. When again I go for reinstalling the window due to virus or any problem this recovery disk helps me a lot. So friends same advising Iím also giving to you just follow this procedure definitely this will solve your problem.

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    Re: how to get drivers for Toshiba satellite C660

    When I needed the driver software for my Toshiba c660 then I tried many different-different driver of different manufactures laptop brand, but this solution is also not help me. Then I directly contact with Toshiba service center there they just tell me to bring a blank CD so they will copy that driver in your that CD and they will give it you back. This is free of charge but if your Laptop is in warranty period. If it is out of warranty period then they will charge but charge is normally not too much high charging.

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    Re: how to get drivers for Toshiba satellite C660

    In your Toshiba c660 you reinstall window Vista then I tell you that Window Vista has a great features when we installing window that time Vista install driver also. So after installing window Vista it preinstall the sound and Ethernet driver. We have to just install Graphics Driver and I think that it is not so much important for us, because we need only driver for sound and Ethernet, for the basic use of laptop. Then also you need that Graphics driver then you can visit Toshiba official websites there they will provide you to download drivers for your Toshiba C660.

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    Re: how to get drivers for Toshiba satellite C660

    My friend also face same problem but he solve his problem in just few times I asked about him about how he got solution. He tells its simple procedure just visit the Toshiba official websites there we have to mention our whole configuration of your laptop with model no. they will provide us link from there you can download this driver. This software is open free source on Toshiba official websites. If you try to download this driver from other websites then they will charge for this driver. So why to waste money just visit Toshiba official websites and download frees source driver.

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