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Thread: Unable to burn the CDs using windows photo gallery

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    Unable to burn the CDs using windows photo gallery

    Hi, I have been using a gateway desktop form last few months with windows vista since last few months, and I am very curious about knowing different things about the machine and the software that I used with it. And recently when I had edited the registry to get windows to identify the DVD/CD-RW drive so from that day only I am not able to burn any of the CD or DVD using it. I had tried to burn the Images from the photo gallery as well, but still no luck, so what would be the problem, any idea?

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    Re: Unable to burn the CDs using windows photo gallery

    As you have mentioned that you have made changes in the registry so off course the problems are in the registry only. so I am not sure that whether we can undo the changes that we have made in the registry, but there are too many cleaners that you’ll find on the internet, and from there only you have to download them to your machine and then clean the registry and then try to burn the disk.

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    Re: Unable to burn the CDs using windows photo gallery

    Registry is the main issue off course for sure, but still if you have glance for another issues as well so it will came in to view as there might be some problem in the drivers as well, yeah I am talking about the CD driver that you are using with your machine, it might be possible that the driver that you are using might have been corrupted. So as a good option you can simply change the driver as well, that you can either download the latest or install the one that you have gotten with the device.

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    Re: Unable to burn the CDs using windows photo gallery

    Which software are you using for burning the disk? Because sometimes because of that also we get the problem with burning the CD, so I would also suggest you that you should try to uninstall the one that is installed in your machine and reinstall the same software again in the machine, but off course you can have option to choose another software as well, but consider as an option only, as you might be familiar with the one you are having.

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    Re: Unable to burn the CDs using windows photo gallery

    See for writing the disk, as mentioned buy the above user there are different software that you can use, but along with that you can simply copy them to the CD drive and you can burn them without making use of any software as well, as windows has the capability to run burn the disk as well. and for this first of all you need to copy those items to the CD drive and at the left hand side you’ll get the option to burn the content to the disk, so try with this.

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