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Thread: GoFlex Slim provided software is acting up

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    GoFlex Slim provided software is acting up

    I go for Seagate as it is one of the leading global market for hard disk drives in the world . I just have purchased GoFlex Slim. I have an issue with GoFlex Slim provided software is acting up. Daily I get this kind of error that the “Go Flex Home is not found” as go to the desktop. What is wrong with it? I don’t have any kind of Go Flex Home software installed on my computer. The dashboard appears to be broken I am surprised with it. Is anyone having similar experience with this drive?

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    re: GoFlex Slim provided software is acting up

    I have noticed that there ware “MemeoDashboard.exe” .I think technology supports the older GoFlex applications from nearly 1 year and I have the similar problem too. I am using windows 7 as my operating system. The application they provide with this drive is quit useless. please anyone help. If any have any idea please post here. Yesterday without error I might save something into it; after all I tried for back up and then my drive gets disappeared.

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    re: GoFlex Slim provided software is acting up

    There might me more solutions available for troubleshooting but I prefer this one. If you need to keep the drive always connect5ed to your pc or laptop you can try following steps:
    1)first look in the system tray there you will find Memeo icon right-click on it.
    2)Quit it to close this application.
    3)Now open Seagate Dashboard Restart Memeo after ~10 seconds. or Reboot your computer.

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    re: GoFlex Slim provided software is acting up

    Here is another solution for troubleshooting.
    1) Check out that you have installed the application properly.
    2) now confirm that drive is connected to your system.
    3) verify that you have installed usb driver in your system also make sure that it is updated.
    4) Uninstall GoFlex software, then go to run type msconfig<enter or click ok> or start to disable applications which are blocking the registration of these software. Now reinstall application you have and disable running applications .That’s it all done.

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