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Thread: Unable to download Adobe Certified devices

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    Unable to download Adobe Certified devices

    I’m having MacBook Air which is running OS 10.6.6 and when I am trying to download adobe certified devices in the device central cs5 I got an error stating that “unable to download device profile and then the device name appear ” and it’s says to try again. Well I was able to download the different device from the community which is not certified. Does anyone know what me be the reason for this.

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    Re: Unable to download Adobe Certified devices

    Just try to open the device central program and then download adobe certified devices within the ADC and for this just go to start new project or just open the old project and just check that you are able to see the device profile in the library and then select the device which you want to open and then select the menu which is at the top for that device and then just click on download device profile and it will going to download the profile.

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    Re: Unable to download Adobe Certified devices

    Even I was having the same problem and it seems adobe device central can connect to the library and it will be going to find the profile easily. you must click and drag the device profile in the test device and even you can try by right clicking on the profile and choose the option for downloading the device profile and even select the add to test device anything will do and even you can go to the device and drop down the list from there you choose the device and perform any two action you want.

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    Re: Unable to download Adobe Certified devices

    before doing that you must clear all the temporary file from the safari browser by opening the menu and then click on preferences and then click on security tab and in that click on show cookies button and then select remove all and click on done and after that click on the menu and then select the device and download profile and if the problem still persist then you must use the different browser and then check whether it is working or no.

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