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Thread: How can I stop automatically downloads my music in WMP 11

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    How can I stop automatically downloads my music in WMP 11

    Hi, I have a laptop. I have installed WMP11 in this laptop. But I have a problem with WMP11. I have just place version 11 on windows XP pro. When I open WMP it is automatically downloading my music that I have on my laptop. How can I stop this problem? It is very annoying problem. I need to be capable to place the music on WMP that I select because I also utilize iTunes and maintain different music on that. So please tell me solution of this problem. I hope that you will give the solution very soon.

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    Re: How can I stop automatically downloads my music in WMP 11

    I would like to tell you that but is it probable to now download album art utilizing WMP11? I currently enhanced to and began utilizing WMP11 and I love it up to now. I do all of my tags manually, thatís why I stopped the attribute in WMP11 as lxskllr talked about to stop automatic information download. However, I do not have any music art at all. Is it probable to find just that utilizing WMP11 with no screwing up tags, etc., or is there an enhanced way to find music art?

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    Re: How can I stop automatically downloads my music in WMP 11

    As I know about this problem I think there are no places to have folders below it and there is no technique of removing it. When I shut the window 'Add to Library' which is in the 'Monitor Folders', if I press OK it at once comes up "append to Library by searching laptop." and a improvement bar displays while it is searching. This tells me that it is still set up a few places to download my music automatically still.

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    Re: How can I stop automatically downloads my music in WMP 11

    That is not how it displays in WMP 11. Me 'Monitor Folders' in' choices on the Library tab. It then displays a window with "add to library" with two radio buttons: "My private Folders" and "My Folders and others can access. They have only said that Rip folder cannot be removed. You truly want to observe version 11, because I am not extremely excellent at explaining it. There is a key in case of breakdown to obey: "Add files formerly removed from the Library. Could this be factual?

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