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Thread: Is it possible to convert a movie maker PROJECT file?

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    Is it possible to convert a movie maker PROJECT file?

    I began a project in movie maker on a computer i no longer have access to. The operating system on said computer is windows vista, and the movie maker program is exclusive to vista. when i got home i realized that i had to finish the movie as a movie file, however, my version of movie maker rejects the file that mas made on vista. Is there any site that can convert the project file from a vista format to a xp format?

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    Re: Is it possible to convert a movie maker PROJECT file?

    Well, there are many movie maker converter available on the net that can downloaded. But you could also convert it in Windows Movie maker, simply open your video in Movie Maker and then resave it (under the "finish movie tab). Use the save to computer option. Should be a settings details choice. There you can choose to save as WMV or AVI...obviously you'd choose AVI. Just try to play this movie format then in your xp.

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    Re: Is it possible to convert a movie maker PROJECT file?

    Theres the problem in itself. I can't open the file in movie maker at all, you see. whenever I try, it gives me the following message:

    Windows Movie Maker X
    (X) The file ------.MSWMM was created by a version of Windows Movie Maker that is not supported.

    When Okay is clicked, the text box closes, and a blank, untitled movie maker project is opened. My project is never opened, and I never have a chance to save it to my computer in the neccissary format.

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    Re: Is it possible to convert a movie maker PROJECT file?

    You have to accept that, a .mswmm file created on a Vista machine is not compatible with Win XP. The .mswmm file is the Movie Maker Project file amd only useful for re-opening in Movie Maker for re-editing purposes. It does not include the source files such as photos, videos, music, it simply records the path to the original locations the files were imported from on the machine it was created on. Check similar kind of threads here - .MSWMM File Isn't supported by Windows Movie Maker

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