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Thread: How to watch Movies in Quicktime

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    How to watch Movies in Quicktime

    I am using a Mac book to watch movies and the quick time player is not able to play the divx files on my hdd the player just play the sound and the screen just remains black doesn’t divx player support divx and other .avi formats is this problem is happening from last week and I am unable to watch the videos on my Mac this is a big problem for me and I am not able to sort it on my own. I have not installed any new programmers since a month so there is absolutely no question of any change in the software I have enough memory and processing speed on my mac it is still not responding it just goes on playing the sound but not the video.

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    Re: How to watch Movies in Quicktime

    Check you mac book for update history and if there is any component updated remove the component and try playing the movie again if even that does not solve the problem you will have to download quick time video codec and quick time audio codec which are available on the internet for free for your quick time player. Your updates seem to have affected the codec file on your mac and so it is not able to play the divx file on your machine. This happen many times if the updates options are kept on the computer in a default way keeps on downloading the updates and it sometimes can affect the performance if it’s not installed properly.

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    Re: How to watch Movies in Quicktime

    I use quick time player with windows and it does not support .avi or other related formats i had installed the codec but it can with its own player I don’t like the controls of the player which came with the codec and want my quick time player to be able to play all kinds of video and audio files please recommend a good codec pack which is able to make my quick time player play all the avi and related files on my desktop, have tried a couple of codec packs.

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    Re: How to watch Movies in Quicktime

    The quick time player is not supporting ac3 audio format movie files and is really not able to work nicely when blue ray movies are played on them the player keeps on giving error "ac3 audio file format not supported and is unable to find the ac3 codec from quick time component update from the website i have searched for it and installed a few codec but its still is not able to play ac3 audio format. Are there any settings needed to be done or changes to be made in the QuickTime settings plssssss reply with a proper solution? This keeps on bugging me when i try to play such files.

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    Re: How to watch Movies in Quicktime

    hello there the quick time player is becoming a great problem for me whenever I drag movie file in the over a few time the player gets stuck and suddenly the pc restarts this has been happening from past few days I donít know whatís wrong with the pc or the player but it has cost me loss of important data the first time it happened I had uninstalled and installed the software again but itís still not working stably and i have gotten irritated I use the quick time player for online movie purposesí need to resolve this issue please direct me with appropriate measures.

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    Re: How to watch Movies in Quicktime

    I have not used it. I like to watch movies online because it's easy and safe source for watching movies. Like horror, action and comedy but i like most of time to watch romantic movies. And my favorite romantic movie is titanic which is a great love story ever the time. Not at that even still people are loving this movie and remember.

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