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Thread: Silverlight.msi File Missing

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    Silverlight.msi File Missing

    Somehow, at a few point in time, in a few way unidentified to me, I got Silverlight installed on my desktop. Now, I am getting bugged to setup an update via the Microsoft Windows Update web site, but the update is for Silverlight 1.0 and the silverlight.msi file is mislaid. I can't uninstall Silverlight 1.0 because, once more, the silverlight.msi file is missing. Can anyone please tip me to a download where I can get the silverlight.msi file or else instruct me how to take out or reinstall Silverlight so that I can get back to usual operation here? Please anyone here helps me for this.

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    Re: Silverlight.msi File Missing

    This as well stops me from updating to a newer version because they need or try to uninstall Silverlight 1.0, which I can't perform because; up till now again, the silverlight.msi file is missing. I did a file search on my whole laptop and there is no silverlight.msi file because, once more, it is missing. I cannot place the 1.0 download on the web. Each time I click on the main Silverlight web site, it tells me that 1.0 is correctly installed (which it possibly, but the silverlight.msi file is at a standstill missing). I am utilizing IE 7.0.5730.11 if that makes any dissimilarity. And I have admin rights on my account.

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    Re: Silverlight.msi File Missing

    I did discover an old Silverlight.msi file; though it emerges to be too old. While I attempt to utilize the silverlight.msi file I establish it states that it isn't suitable. While I attempt to run the installation package containing that file, it declines, claiming that a fresher version of Silverlight is installed. The version I have installed is (according to the Silverlight site): installed edition Silverlight 1 GDR 3. So, I necessitate discovering the precise silverlight.msi files which matches the over release of Silverlight 1.0 (so it emerges to me, anyway). The Silverlight 1.0 installation file I establish on Microsoft's site is in fact older than the over version.

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    Re: Silverlight.msi File Missing

    After getting so irritated with this Silverlight problem, I have lastly established a solution, as a minimum for my windows 7 laptop
    1. I could not obtain it installed. Failure could not situate wanted files below "c:\4981403e3485612c9426" or something same.
    2. Removing the .msi and other files physically to that place, at a standstill not installing.
    3. Later than running those uninstall package utility offered by Microsoft, reviving / re-install of Silverlight, at a standstill botched installation.

    Lastly, I did a bit registry look. Opened up registry(later than backup!) did a investigate for "silverlight.msi" and establish it in the following key:
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT / installer / products / D9313F9862C649A4CB8BE2A4B47BD100
    I erased that key, and as well removed all Silverlight folders in programdata and program files regenerated, started the silverlight.exe. It installed with no trouble and it works! Finally.

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    Re: Silverlight.msi File Missing

    Ease is what we all wish for! Through "hours" of searching that extended into months, I luckily stumbled on the Revo Uninstaller, uploaded it and detached the "old-Silverlight" and the "old World Wide Telescope" . Consequently I was able to go to the Microsoft site and Silverlight 4 lastly downloaded! I have not at all seen the Revo Uninstaller site but later than the seeming continual search for resolving the problem of a missing msi to obtain the old Silverlight detached totally I attempted it with a few uncertainties. After eliminating the Old Silverlight I figured why not attempt removing the old World Wide Telescope (I had quit on that months before) and it uninstalled it too. Good luck

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    Re: Silverlight.msi File Missing

    Utilizing Registry Editor wrongly can cause grave troubles that may need you to reinstall Windows. Utilize Registry Editor at your own risk.
    Windows XP:
    Click on start- Run- regedit- Hold down CTRL and push letter F and release- enter in search box: silverlight.msi- Click OK. One time the explore finishes, right click on the containing folder situated in the left side column, and after that left click delete. Shut Registry Editor down. You are done, and at present will be able to install/reinstall Microsoft Silverlight.
    Windows Vista, 7, and Server 2008 users:
    Click on start- Enter regedit- Right click on regedit, which will illustrate in start window, and choose 'Run as Administrator'. If UAC popup arise, choose OK, or allow entering Registry Editor. Now, follow above steps, and you are completed.

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