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Thread: Where to download OpenAL drivers

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    Where to download OpenAL drivers

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask you one thing. I am very crazy about music and I have heard that OpenAL new version is going to release. Because of some reason I didnít get time to do research about it. So can anyone tell me is it released or not? Can anyone tell me from where I should take this? Which version is latest in OpenAL? I will be very thankful of you all, please reply to this post. And another thing I wanted to know is what the changes are in this latest version of OpenAL. Reply

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    Re: Where to download OpenAL drivers

    Well, too much questions. As per my knowledge you can get the latest version of OpenAL from official website of the software itself. The latest version of OpenAL is OpenAL, and it drivers are available easily. As it is free user software. You can run this software on Windows Platform as well as on Linux Platform also. I donít know much more about the features of this version because I have not yet tried it, so I canít tell you about the changes from previous versions. As always, it gives to good 3D audio quality in gaming. So I think this answer is on satisfactory level on you.

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    Re: Where to download OpenAL drivers

    Hey man yes you are right, I have also done some research on it, I have found that, we are not going to find change in it this time; I read on news column that it has been taken from CL driver pack this time. And this is not yet uploaded on the website if OpenAL, the download link which are getting from internet is not full version yet, though it open source community but still it is not available, it will be available soon. And news I have got that this time it is coming with OpenAL32.dll version of 6.14.357.25 with wrap_oal.dll 2.2.07. so let us just wait for full version of it on website. All the Best!

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    Re: Where to download OpenAL drivers

    Hey thanks for this information man, as I am also the freaky fan of this audio software, I am also having one information which I have tried personally. As I did not know about this full version news, I have downloaded from website and I have installed it and I found that, I think this time they have enable 24bit output within it. And also it is very sad that, OpenAL on creative connect isnít updated yet, as I am using psychonauts and I wanted to replace it with OpenAL.dll but I was not able to do that. So we must wait for some days to know more about this software. All the best!

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