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Thread: IS Nvidia drivers are better than Asus drivers

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    IS Nvidia drivers are better than Asus drivers

    Hello yesterday I bought new Asus 8800GT. And now I am looking for divers for my system. And I am confused between Nvidia drivers and Asus drivers. I observe that the one's that obtainable to me on top of Asus' download pages is the 182.06 drivers. I presently make use of 182.50 from nvidia site. Does it formulate several dissimilarities which one I utilize? I hope someone will help me. Please share your knowledge with us. I am waiting for your replies. Thank you.

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    Re: IS Nvidia drivers are better than Asus drivers

    Asus drivers are precise drivers that are installed for the first time and perform the additional utilities to distinguish the card and the entire sensors. If not install it will not perform. After the latestís Nvidia drivers update only the parts that are related to the nvidia chip and you have the latest available for all services work properly. I think now you are clear with your doubt. If you want some additional information for this then you can search it on official sites of this drivers.

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    Re: IS Nvidia drivers are better than Asus drivers

    Asus did not modify their Nvidia drivers. I contain the Asus 9600 GT Silent through Nvidia 185.85 drivers from Nvidia website. I am able to make use of Asus Smart Doctor 5.34 and GamerOSD. Also, the NVIDIA overclocking utility works so well. Never use the drivers from Asus. The firmware / BIOS of the ASUS graphics cards are independent for the Nvidia chip, using Nvidia drivers should have no effect on the Asus utilities. Asus has just made Nvidia drivers in place, so Asus drivers are usually out of date; use Nvidia drivers for optimal performance.

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    Re: IS Nvidia drivers are better than Asus drivers

    I advise choose for NVIDIA reference drivers unless your card has a definite feature not directly supported by nvidia TV tuner, etc. Omega drivers are pretty excellent in addition. In a number of cases you are able to add a nice performance enhance from your card. Does somebody else have experience through Omega drivers? Just go with it its really good for your system. If you found any other driver which is better than this then please share your experience with us.

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    Re: IS Nvidia drivers are better than Asus drivers

    I recommend the NVIDIA drivers, I personally do not like asus too much for the drivers as they are slow to update and does not have a lot to them. MSI If it was, then I'd go for it, they usually do a good job making them stable and add extras to them. Omega drivers are not something I would recommend for an nvidia card. Reason why no one really makes use of them is because they haven't been updated in an extended time, which isn't going to control several of the afterward video cards, specially utilizing direct X9. Otherwise, ATI drivers are much better than omega. I can use Omega drivers specifically for ATI video cards.

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