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Thread: Failed to open photos in Windows photo viewer

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    Failed to open photos in Windows photo viewer

    While I liberate a thumbnail picture, Microsoft Windows 7 opens it by means of Windows photo viewer. After opening it, there is only a blank screen within the viewer which says Loading, but I can’t get any of the images on that even after waiting a lengthy time. I am not able to make out that why this is happening to me. For that reason need a few help to resolve this difficulty. If any of you be familiar with or conscious of this difficulty then please assist to emerge from this subject. Thank you so much in advance for reading and replying to this.

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    Re: Failed to open photos in Windows photo viewer

    I had the same problem. I have Windows 7 64 bit and I have to set a couple of solutions elsewhere. I've noticed that happens to many people with ATI graphics cards. I have a Dell XPS 1640 with an ATI Radeon therefore I updated the card drivers, still did not effort to solve the problem and then I realize that some people find the BIOS update fixed the penalty , so I went to the Dell downloads and have a BIOS update and finally that worked for me. So you can do the same and see if that can solve the problem that you are facing.

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    Re: Failed to open photos in Windows photo viewer

    You will have to immobilize the AMD Affairs Event Service by entering services.msc in the Start menu after right click on the AMD service external events and in the dropdown menu below the type of home and alter it for Disable and then click Stop, after that click OK and closed the window. I searched this in Google and is safe to disable this, and guess what, I cannot see my pictures, finally! And some people said they could not even play some games they did and now they can.

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    Re: Failed to open photos in Windows photo viewer

    It seems like your file association for images has been tarnished otherwise damaged. Unlock the properties of any gif image. Just right click on it, beneath properties, click modifies. From the "Open With" window, go to additional Windows programs and choose photo viewer as default to "open with". After doing this click OK again, click OK. Do this for any kind of image you need to open in Windows Photo Viewer 7.

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    Re: Failed to open photos in Windows photo viewer

    There is not a problem by means of associations. You see the problem takes place for me as well
    • .png
    • .tif
    • .jpg

    All of them will open the image viewer. If you do not hang around at all loads then Microsoft Windows 7 seems to have a defect. One of my friends told me that this is not a union problem. The Windows Photo Viewer crashes on load, while double-click a photo. The associations are right, open the application, and simply cannot load the picture.

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