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Thread: Error 0x80070021 on Outlook.

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    Error 0x80070021 on Outlook.

    i purchased new system and i have installed the windows vista on mine system. i have also installed the outlook express on system as well. From last one week i have issue on mine outlook. Yesterday i am trying to take the back up of mine .pst contact files from Outlook but during this time i have got the error: “Ox 80070021 that says that the files are being locked out by another program”. Now i don’t know what to do please anyone can solve this issue and so that i can solve mine issue. These contacts are taken from the I-Phone.

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    Re: Error 0x80070021 on Outlook.

    I would like to suggest you following steps and so that you can solve your issue. First open the outlook and then under the outlook select he tools menu and after that make hit on the ‘Trust Centre'. Now In the left pane, select Add-Posadas and then at the bottom of the window you will see a button that lets you manage your COM add-ins. Make sure the dropdown box is set to "COM Add-ins" and click GO. Email Search step by step 'Highlight of Windows and then click "Remove”. After that make hit on the ok button and now go through your issue.

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    Re: Error 0x80070021 on Outlook.

    I gone through this same issue and i have followed some steps here and it really works to me to solve mine issue. First close the outlook and after that go to internet and after that open the some official website and then download the Unlocked and then install it on your system. Once you complete the download and then install it. Now go to the .pst outlook file in Explorer and after that make right click on that and then choose the Unlocker. And after that make hit on the unlock all. Now close the unlocker and now you can take the back up. I hope this will help you lot.

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    Re: Error 0x80070021 on Outlook.

    I would like to suggest you to download the new outlook and then you can solve your issue. First you need to uninstall the outlook on the add/remove program and after that again reinstall the outlook and then go through your issue. i have same issue on mine system as well and after that i have followed some steps but it doesn’t and finally i have uninstalled and then reinstalled the new outlook and it really works and issue has been gone. I hope this will also help you lot.

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    Re: Error 0x80070021 on Outlook.

    I had the same issue and found a solution. I downloaded a utility called Unlocker, which displayed the process that were locking my PST file and allowed me to unlock them.

    Note, that when installing the program you have the option of adding it to the Send To folder. So, you can simply right-click on your PST file and from the Send To menu, select Unlocker.

    It worked like a charm

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    Re: Error 0x80070021 on Outlook.

    Because of this reason I had lost faith on using Outlook on Lan. I lost my data because of this same error. There is a risk of getting files corrupted in your system. I had a connection where my all pst file is located on a remote location. Suddenly something happend while taking a backup. To fix that, I used a pst repair tool that helped me a lot to extract the maximum amount of mail I can.

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    Re: Error 0x80070021 on Outlook.

    Open Task Manager and then click on outlook.exe. Terminate that process and run it back. If still the error persist, then you can run a Repair setup for Microsoft Office. I do not think this will really help, but you can give a try. Second thing, if you want the backup, boot in safe mode and login with admin account. So that your access rights are not limited. Copy the files to safe location and then try to run repair setup.

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    Re: Error 0x80070021 on Outlook.

    Outlook Error code 0x80070021: This error message mainly cause due to third party add-ins or plugins in MS-Outlook. But, there is workaround through which you can fix this bug and cause behind it (plug-ins).

    Please follow the given steps to disable these plug-ins:
    • Go to the Tools Menu >> Trust Center
    • One the left hand pane, choose’ Add-ins’ and then near the bottom of the window you will see a button that helps you to manage your COM Add-Ins.
    • Ensure that the drop down box is set to COM Add-In’ and then click on Go.
    • Highlight Windows ‘ Search Email Indexer and then click to ‘Remove’
    • Click on OK >> Close Outlook and the reopen Outlook or run the backup.

    To fix this issue, 'How to resolve Outlook Error code 0x80070021' , try SysTools Outlook Recovery software provided by Microsoft.

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