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Thread: Unable to attach file with Microsoft Outlook Express

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    Unable to attach file with Microsoft Outlook Express

    In my windows vista 32 bit system architecture which I basically use for official purpose via internet access is not allowed me to attach any file in gmail account from outlook express mail client , though I can separately attach into the gmail account, it flashes a message whenever I tried to attach the file into Microsoft outlook express application, the file is not a valid file for attachment. Whereas the same file I can attach if I log onto the account without outlook. I tried with the reload process and don’t think so there might be any other process is present to resolve this issue. So someone suggest me with the best alternative of this outlook express for my system. Any input will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: Unable to attach file with Microsoft Outlook Express

    Chandler is an application that lets you manage and organize addresses, appointments, notes, e-mails and other related information, through the use of some tools that simplify the organization of events and data to be saved to keep track of appointments. With Chandler commitments and you can share calendars with other people so you can better organize your work. The management of personal calendars has a number of features that allow you to easily manage commitments and display it in an orderly and easily understood.

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    Re: Unable to attach file with Microsoft Outlook Express

    The "Zimbra Desktop" allows you like a normal e-mail client with the connections of POP3, IMAP, Yahoo, Zimbra and Gmail accounts to manage on your email as well as other related tasks. Although this is a web application. With this application you can, even without an Internet connection, manage and view your e-mail. It also contains the freeware a scheduler, a calendar and a nice contact sheet.

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    Re: Unable to attach file with Microsoft Outlook Express

    Phoenix Mail is designed with all the common functions and tools to receive e-mails, send and edit. Also, creating multiple e-mail accounts is not a problem and is done quickly. The work surface is very clear and is reminiscent of Outlook express. You can do with the drag and drop method also with this , objects are simply shifted from one mouse to another area and released. The large number of available add-ons can be continuously expanded Phoenix, who has security concerns, can also integrate a virus scanner.

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    Re: Unable to attach file with Microsoft Outlook Express

    The software eM Client is a Windows-based email client to send and receive e-mails. There will be other functions, like managing multiple calendars with additional color settings, and managing contacts and tasks with integrated instant messaging available. Similarly it is also acts as an RSS Reader. It offers more advantages you an existing spell check your documents, e-mail signature for each account and the ability to sort your emails according to various criteria, such as the receipt date.

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