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Thread: .MKV files not being synchronized with the player

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    .MKV files not being synchronized with the player

    Hi everybody! I have several movies that are within .Mkv and I cannot obtain it to play properly I downloaded a lot of dissimilar codecs and players. I have Media Player Classic, Zoom Player and VLC Media Player. Media Player Classic starts doing quite well and the audio sync out mode and after a few minutes more video and audio both very agitated and began to cut. In Windows Media Player to acquire the finest results through FFDShow active, however later than about 3 minutes, just slows down and you cannot observe and then, after the team appear to respond slowly for about 5 minutes or less. Zoom Player starts appear good, but if you shift the player or anything that is locked and if not locked behind the audio are terrible. I have all these problems with mkv files.

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    Re: .MKV files not being synchronized with the player

    What are the streams of video and audio? You may be running at extremely high bit rates for your computer to handle. I disbelief it, however, seeing that you have a dual core. I know that my PC an old Pentium 4 cannot play HD video simply for the reason that the rate of bits in the video is too high and my PC does not can keep pace. That's where much of the stuttering comes to me. Could it be the same with you, I do not know. Thank you.

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    Re: .MKV files not being synchronized with the player

    Hello maybe there is problem with your CPU usage. Did you try this with your VLC player? If not then try this with VLC media player. And itís independent of the codecs you installed. And when you play file with it then check your task manager and from that check your CPU usage. If itís showing high usage then you have to set that by setting the set ability tab of CPU. If you find any other solution then share your knowledge with us thank you.

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    Re: .MKV files not being synchronized with the player

    Hello I hope this will help you to solve your problem. By using these steps you can solve your volume problem. So letís resolve the volume difficulty due to HP java applet. For that, go to run from the start menu and in that type msconfig without quotes. Then after that click on startup and then inside the startup item search for HP quicktouch on screen display and then uncheck the checkbox to disable that item. And after this settings click on ok button and restart your system.

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    Re: .MKV files not being synchronized with the player

    Hello the above steps are important to solve your problem. And here are my some additional steps to solve your problem. Dv2845se has an extremely slow gpu power; therefore let's disable several Vista features. For that you have to go to run window again and then type "services.msc" and click on continue if UAC prompt a message for you. Under Name, discover "Desktop Window Manager" and double click it to unlock its properties. After that Click on Stop, which comes under Startup Type choose Disabled then click OK. And after that Reboot your system which is very important.

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    Re: .MKV files not being synchronized with the player

    Hello some day before I was facing similar kind of problem. But I solve this problem by following steps. Follow the following steps. First uninstall all your codecs and reboot your system. And after that download and install the fresh klite codec. I am using klite codec pack 4.9.0 full. You will easily get it on internet. Run media player classic under form start all programs klite code pack. And then click on view options. And then click under playback and choose select VMR9 and click on OK button. After that, try to play any .mkv file and see it working or not. I hope this will help you.

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