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Thread: Burning .mkv file to a DVD-5 for PS3 cause clip to smaller

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    Burning .mkv file to a DVD-5 for PS3 cause clip to smaller

    Have nice day to everybody; I have an issue regarding my .mkv file while watching on my PS3 device. Actually I tell you what I want trying to do I have .mkv file and want to burn on dvd-5 it should play perfectly without loosing any picture quality. This eleven GB file I have used three DVD-5 to burn. I have also WMV file and want much to do same without loosing quality. This clip has smaller size. If any suggestion please let me know.

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    Re: Burning .mkv file to a DVD-5 for PS3 cause clip to smaller

    From my point of view there is no need of burning the DVD-5 to play in the PS3. So do not have obscurity of burning disks. Just you need to have windows media player of latest version means version 11 and use the option of media sharing option from there. It is very easy you can share your media file with any device. Or PS3, on PS3 device go to movie option and search for that shared media file. Here you can have you all selected file. As for your .mkv file you need to novert it in to PS3 supportable format.

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    Re: Burning .mkv file to a DVD-5 for PS3 cause clip to smaller

    Listen friend I am also having same situation. For that use ConvertXoDVD for converting the media file. I convert media into Blu-Ray Hi-Def rips and then I burn it into standard DVD-5 CD. Surely there will be loss in the quality can be expected since there is some compression. .mkv file would be coverted into highly compressed mpeg file for playing it into PS3. But this loss is tolerated also. Try this and would like to post your experienced regarding this.

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    Re: Burning .mkv file to a DVD-5 for PS3 cause clip to smaller

    I have also some problem with playing video on my window media player. I have video that is captured by my digital camera. I have file oh having extension .my problem is that when I try to play this file from the window media player I get the error that file is not supported by window media player. What should I do play that video in my windows media player. If anyone has solution please let me know.

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    Re: Burning .mkv file to a DVD-5 for PS3 cause clip to smaller

    You are getting this error because .vhm file is not supported by windows media player. To play this in windows media player you need to convert it into windows media player supportable file. There is lots of converter available on the internet or you can do the conversion by using windows movie maker. Or you can have a player that allow to play this file. You should use vlc player to run this file. but for temporary i would say to use windows movie maker here you can imort the music you want to convert ant it will convert in to windows compatible format.

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