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Thread: Ffdshow and Divx Pro codec to play divx playback

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    Ffdshow and Divx Pro codec to play divx playback

    I have aquestion in my mind and want to share on this forum. I want codec to play divx file. As I know ffdshow and Divx Pro both support this .dvix file. So I want know is ffdshow superior choice than DivX Pro for viewing .divx media file? Since FFDShow is free of cost whereas DivX Pro is payable. So anybody hear know about this codec please tell me what should I have in my PC. Since both play the same video why should one should purchase Divx pro there would be some difference please let me know.

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    Re: Ffdshow and Divx Pro codec to play divx playback

    I want to make you know that both are good but have some unique feature for which that are known. Since Divx pro uses less resources as compare to the ffdshow. It does not make your computer slow. And most important, if you are looking for the better quality of sound and display I would suggest you to go for Divx Pro. Because it produces good sound than ffdshow. So it is worth to have this one. But it totally up to you what do you want to use. If not want spend money and ready for slow PC then you have Ffdshow.

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    Re: Ffdshow and Divx Pro codec to play divx playback

    I have also some question about this topic. If any have any kind of suggestion fell free to share it with me. Your help would be appreciated a lot. I am very aware of the both Divx Pro and Ffdshow. I know Divx is the best choice but I don’t want to spend on this. Ffdshow does not slow my PC that much. So it is okay for me to have Ffdshow. If I choose Ffdshow what would be the best to select in it either libavcodec or ffdshow’s xvid codec is better for the divx playback.

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    Re: Ffdshow and Divx Pro codec to play divx playback

    I occasionally play the divx video or file. Even I bought the Divx Pro. It does not make any difference. The only extra options I found during encoding else there no difference with ffdshow. At playback they don’t have any kind of dissimilarities. In Divx Pro you can set deblocking, sharpening ectc. I think there no need to waste your money one can use Ffdshow for playing divx file.

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    Re: Ffdshow and Divx Pro codec to play divx playback

    Hello I want to add soothing on this topic. Divx Pro give you post processing effect to enhance the noise like WMP's SRS effects. So it is up to one what he think whether it is worthwhile or not. You can have trail version to test it. For ffdshow you can see the difference very easly it is very noisy. Ffdshow is good for very less CPU utilaztion. It is not widely used. It does not provide any kind of filtering.

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