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Thread: Auto clicking touchpad issue on Acer 5532 series laptop

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    Auto clicking touchpad issue on Acer 5532 series laptop

    I have installed windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my system. I am using a laptop. I am facing problem with touchpad. Whenever I use the touchpad the system automatically selects or presses the button/ I have made the touch pad tapping disabled and I have also update the driver but still the issue is same. I am unable to figure out why this thing is automatically selecting things at once.

    These are the following information of my system:
    Acer Aspire 5532
    Windows 7 Home Premium64-bit
    AMD Athlon TF-20 1.6Ghz
    3 GB RAM
    Synaptics TouchPad V7.0 on PS/2 Port
    Driver Version
    Driver date11/25/2009

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    I would like to suggest you disable the touch pad and then enable it back again. Sometime the touchpad keys are stucked or sometime they are not performing well. Here if nothing works after updating the drivers then you have to use a mouse here. Because it will be more annoying to work. You can try checking the sensitivity settings also which will help you more in fixing the problem. You can try reducing the same and then check back. I am quiet sure that will work well once done.

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    It is due to the first click that gets stuck and it is also common on mouse. I am having a old mouse which is having a similar problem. A number of time when I single click launch application. It is very hard to select things through it. Also the scroll fails to work properly. I had replaced the mouse and got a new one. And now this thing is working well. So here you will also have to change if the existing driver update does not help you much.

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