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Thread: Cannot log in in military websites

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    Cannot log in in military websites

    I am having Windows 7 operating system I am facing some issues logging on to military websites. My security certificate in not valid. I have tried everything I know to try. Compaq had tried to help me but there was not much of success. Help someone.When I attempt to visit any site such as navy, the security certificate is not valid. I have attempted to permit the site in my trusted sites in internet options to but no benefit

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    Re: Cannot log in in military websites

    I was directed to a response from a similar posting I had made. the issue with downloading DoD root Certificates is that they are on a DoD web sites that internet Explorer 8 and above w will not allow me to access. I think Microsoft should update Internet Explorer permit people to access sites with non valid certificates if they select to do so after they have been cautioned as Opera does. I am not able to understand why Microsoft thinks that we should not have a choice to continue, just a few more control from big brother I think. Meanwhile I have opted check to Opera which allows me to go where I want, now if some one would just make a decent operating system I could be free from MS maybe its time to switch to a Mac.

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    Re: Cannot log in in military websites

    If you’re having this problem in Internet Explorer 8.0, confirm whether you can view the website in the compatibility approach of Internet Explorer 8.0

    Enable compatibility to have a look for particular websites using Internet Explorer 8.0

    To enable Compatibility View for particular Web sites that are not shown correctly or that are not working properly, follow the given instructions:

    • Open the Web site that is not displayed properly or that does not function properly in Internet Explorer 8.
    • Click the Compatibility View button that is located openly to the right side of the address bar next to the Refresh button.

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    Re: Cannot log in in military websites

    I would like to ask what edition of the Internet Explorer you are using to visit the website.To verify the version of the Internet Explorer, open up Internet Explorer , Click on Help and then select About Internet Explorer. Usually, when you attempt to connect firmly, sites will present trusted identification to show that you are going to the correct place. However, this site's uniqueness can't be confirmed.

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    Re: Cannot log in in military websites

    Some Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) customers attempting to access DoD SSL sites, that has all DTIC SSL sites, obtain a caution message sayiing that they must not continue. The message is repeated numerous occasions, making it difficult for users to reach their target. When they do carry on, the Web site they are visiting has a red caution banner stating that the site is not protected and ought to not be trusted. The user is not offereed with the choice to add the certificate or certificate chain to their trusted certificate record, making it difficult to swiftly bypass this warning in the prospect. This issue may include Microsoft Vista and XP users using Intel Explorer 7. Installing the DoD Root Certificates will permit your Web browser to trust the uniqueness of Web sites, such as DTIC’s, whose protected communications are authenticated by DoD.

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