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Thread: Writing a friendly name for a hyperlink in Excel 2000

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    Writing a friendly name for a hyperlink in Excel 2000

    I have installed an Excel 2000 on my machine and operating system of this machine is windows xp sp2. I have created some Excel files on this machine in which I am looking for a hyperlink function that can take me to another excel file that has been placed on a network, Though the same file is on my hard drive as well. So does anybody know that how can I hyperlink a cell of excel file to navigate to another file?

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    Re: Writing a friendly name for a hyperlink in Excel 2000

    Excel 2000: it is possible to create a shortcut or hyperlink that opens another document stored on your hard drive, a network server, an intranet or the Internet. When you click the cell that contains the HYPERLINK function, Microsoft Excel opens the file stored at "Link_location. To do this, simply enter the following formula:

    = HYPERLINK (Link_location; friendly_name).

    The argument is the text of friendly_name reference or numeric value that appears in the cell. The contents of the cell is displayed in blue and underlined. If you omit the argument friendly_name, the cell displays as text Link_location court.

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    Re: Writing a friendly name for a hyperlink in Excel 2000

    Please note that both the arguments must be quoted. Here I have provided you couple of example that can give you ideas about the hyperlinking in Excel file. You can create hyperlinks using the following formula:

    = HYPERLINK ("", "Click here to view the report). This example opens the Spreadsheet Report "budget.xls" stored on the Internet at " report and displays the text" Click here to view the report. "

    The following example creates a hyperlink to cell F10 on the worksheet "Annual" Report of the workbook "budget.xls", which is stored on the Internet at " / report". The cell in the worksheet that contains the hyperlink displays the contents of cell D1 as the jump text:

    = HYPERLINK ("[www.] Annual! F10", D1)

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    Re: Writing a friendly name for a hyperlink in Excel 2000

    There is an individual but an easier way to create a cell of an Excel file as a hyperlink. Directly enter a URL in the text. When you type an Internet address in a cell, for example www., Excel routinely converts the address into a hyperlink. To store the address in the form of regular text, type an apostrophe (') previous to the address. For example, if you type 'www., the text of the address displayed in the cell devoid of the apostrophe, and does not become visible as a hyperlink. If Excel has already turned into a hyperlink address, you can disable it: Click the right mouse button on the cell, point to Hyperlink on the shortcut menu, then click Remove Hyperlink.

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