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Thread: Which is ultimate text editor for large files?

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    Which is ultimate text editor for large files?

    Till now I have used only Notepad for the text editing (since, was not having much work with editing). But now I am having larger and big files, where I think that Notepad is not enough. So though to take some advice about an ultimate text editor for large files which can be much useful in my work. So, please tell me which is ultimate text editor for large files? I am sure that you members will share your experience with the applications that you are using.!

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    Re: Which is ultimate text editor for large files?

    I would like to recommend you TheGun. It is not a quick shot, but in Microsoft Assembler (MASM) advanced text editor with the incredible "size" of only 6kB. TheGun is freely available and can be can be the Windows operating system from the network load. Due to the simple design is the registry when you start the exe file spared. Fortunately, all versions of Windows from Win95 are supported. The initial configuration is done with the additional SetGun.exe. The internal architecture of TheGun was optimized to "arbitrarily" large files open, limited only by available RAM, and allow the editing of binary files. The latter is especially useful for searching for text strings in binary files. Still supported TheGun drag and drop and was in the direction of speed (with high-speed information processing) and simplicity developed. The search based on the operating system is fully supported.

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    Re: Which is ultimate text editor for large files?

    You can also try an EmEditor. EmEditor is a text editor, rapid, light and yet scalable for Windows. EmEditor has produced several awards, including the 2008 Shareware Industry Award in the category ‘Best Applications’. The text editor supports influential macros, Unicode, and very huge files. The Emurasoft mission is still to meet the needs and requirements of many customers by listening with understanding and expertise. I hope that you may like it.

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    Re: Which is ultimate text editor for large files?

    Even I would like to suggest you TheGun, which is an large text editor file. Those working in the administration of networks and servers typically have to work with large files. We're talking about log files, text files that can easily exceed 250 MB, 500 MB and even have more than 1 GB in size. Use Microsoft Word or even Notepad Windows does not make sense because both tools are close to problems. This is when an editor like TheGun can save us, because due to its versatility will have no problem to edit large files. This editor deals only 6KB in size (yes, you read that right, only 6KB, as mentioned by "Shutdown" already) and yet that is enough to offer editing text files of 1 GB in size. This has been possible thanks to the assembly language development, and use the Windows API, without incorporating additional DLL. That's called good performance, and also if we add that TheGun is a portable application, we are talking about a tool that you can not miss on any recovery kit. Fully freeware, can be downloaded from its official website.

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    Re: Which is ultimate text editor for large files?

    You should give a try for PSPad (just giving one more suggestion)!! Every software developer needs in addition to its normal IDE with an editor. This should be quick and have loaded all desired functions. Some normal requirements that PSPad met:
    • Syntax Lightning (C + +, Cobol, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, Object Pascal, KiXstart, SQL, and some more)
    • Import of RTF, CSV
    • Hexadecimal display
    • Favorites / Folder
    • Open multiple files in tabs
    • Integration in the context menu of Explorer
    • Multiple size ANSI, UTF, MAX, Linux
    • Block Formatting
    Unusual features of PSPad are:
    • Direct editing on FTP servers (ie, integrated FTP client)
    • 3 Selection modes: Normal (burlap and Select), column (selection of a block of text can be displayed inside also very handy when you for example, the first 10 characters will not copy) a line (always selects an entire row)
    • Automatically convert TXT to HTML
    • Plugins
    • Creation of a Custom Highlighter
    • Code Explorer (tree structure for the code shown)
    • View Source from Internet Explorer (IE PSPad say the calls in source code viewer)
    • Spell Check
    • Project Management
    • Display ASCII table (DEC, HEX and HTML)
    PSPad certainly can do even more. PSPad is a great tool and so some of what one does not expect normal editor. Surely it can not replace all the IDEs, but in my opinion it should not simply be missing on the computer because it just as a supplement or on Easy access to a file is ideal. The best it's FREE!

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    Re: Which is ultimate text editor for large files?

    I know my way in the world of text editors out not very good, but on Windows I was recently using the Notepad + + which is recommended and looks really nice. On Linux I use gedit always that works normal, but can not get enough in my opinion. So better try NotePad ++, simple and easy to use. Some of its features :
    • Compatible with Windows (Linux, I don't know.. )
    • thousands of text highlighter for almost all languages and also self-definable Highlighting
    • many macros and functions: eg: "Convert to Hex" (as a hex editor but it is still not quite, but still)
    • can also open-binary data
    • for programming languages does not only highlighting, but also puts the same when you start a new line.
    • Unfortunately, no automatic syntax correction (except through the highlight)
    • line numbers

    Also there should be many more functions that I have not tried.

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