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Thread: Q-See Camera Viewer

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    Q-See Camera Viewer

    My security system lets me to see the cameras from a browser. However, only works from Internet Explorer browser. Even in my pc, I have to make use of IE for this. Firefox will not work by means of chrome otherwise. None of the IP camera applications accessible so far working by means of my camera system with q see system. Is there any way to "emulate" Internet Explorer within the android? Microsoft will not advance android version anytime soon. If you have any suggestions for this, then please let me know that.

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    Re: Q-See Camera Viewer

    Hi, I'm an iPhone user that has the Q-See. I know I have an android, but maybe this could help someone. I had a heck of a time to get an application that works with your phone and the system, but finally prevailed. I found a program called SuperCam I started working with the system. No luck with Meye or aplay but others are working. You can do if you have the right software and have all the ports correctly configured. I hope I could assist more. It is amazing to observe all my cameras as of my phone by the use of WiFi, 3G along with EDGE. I exercise it all the time to confirm I have the garage door closed. Good luck, I'm certain it will not be long earlier than they have the application which functions for you. The one intended for iPhone just came out not many months ago.

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    Re: Q-See Camera Viewer

    I think you can also use the IP camera viewfinder. It will help you see and remotely control your IP camera, DVR and Network Video Recorder use your phone. Includes a database of public webcams from around the world as traffic CAMR. It supports SSL, H.264, pan / tilt, optical zoom, the control relay and the emerging digital zoom. Add your camera to your home screen widgets (refresh rate controlled). If you have dozens of cameras, they can be grouped for quick recall. You also have the view of the array, see the gallery as well as digital zoom mode. You require to configure the IP as well as web cameras at once. No require to open every camera within a browser otherwise the connection several times. I wish to say that Apple IOS version accessible (IP Camera Viewer), Blackberry edition 6.0 accessible (live video) and the Windows 7 version is beneath development. There are additional than 400 dissimilar models compatible. You may have to copy cat many applications out there, but the support does not h. 264, audio, and offers the breadth of support.

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    Re: Q-See Camera Viewer

    Hey, I was also looking for the same and was not able to get the satisfactory answer from anyone and so I contacted the Q-See by means of website feedback page and asked them whether they are having any further plan to release an Android viewer intended for the DVR products together with QSD2316L DVR. They told me that the factory has been working on an application for Android, but have not given us a release date. Hope to see you in a month.

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    Re: Q-See Camera Viewer

    I was in fact trying to obtain the IP Camera Viewer application to function by means of my Q-See DVR as of newest version of Q-See compatibility, but might not function. It just happened to stumble to the application SuperCam as well as ran for the primary time. SuperCam seems to have been written specifically for the Q-See because it has controls and features that I believe are specific to this family of systems including PTZ controls. I looked for the right application SuperCam after I bought my Droid Incredible, but could not find that but it is available now and FREE! The only difficulty I had through the application SuperCam is to stay off the phone, yet once I had closed application. You have to exit the application from the login screen of the application through the "Close" from the menu.

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    Re: Q-See Camera Viewer

    Hello, I am an iPhone user that has the Q-See system. I know I don't have an Android but maybe this might help someone. I had a heck of a time getting an application to work with my phone and system but finally prevailed. I found a program called SuperCam that I got to work with the system. I didn't have any luck with MEye or Aplayer but others got them to work. It can be done if you have the right software and have the ports all set up right. I wish I could help more. It is awesome to view all my cameras from my phone over WiFi, 3G and edge. I use it all the time to make sure I got the garage door shut. Good luck, I'm sure it won't be long before they have an application that will work for you. The one for the iPhone just came out a few months back.

    Good Luck

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