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Thread: automatic subtraction in excel

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    automatic subtraction in excel

    Hi all ,
    I am a newbie to this forum , so excuse me if im a posting this to the wrong forum

    I have a simple requirement.
    I have this timesheet at work where i need to compute the time each employee spent on a specific task.
    So that said i have only 5 colums in my excel :name of employee, task, starting time ,ending time and duration.
    I can do the subtraction manually to obtain the duration, for example =D1-C1 , this is excessively time consuming. I would like to automate this. whereby when the employee input the starting and ending time, excel automatically calculates that for me. is this possible??
    thanks in advance
    BTW : am not an excel expert

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    Re: automatic subtraction in excel

    Try to use the below example

    into cell D2 and copying down the column by use of the fill handle (the tiny square at the bottom right of the selected cell.) for as many rows as you envisage using. Addition of values in column C should make the calculated values appear

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    Re: automatic subtraction in excel

    Hello EINSTEIN ,
    thanks for your reply.What should i do with the code , where should i paste it? as i told you am not excel expert

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    Re: automatic subtraction in excel

    You should enter the same at the point where you need to get the automated result of the employees. Just mention it on the cell where you needed the output and make the changes as per the cell number of your and it will automatically detect the entries and shows the result for same. So if you can then go through the same and see this is working for you or not.

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