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Thread: Black title bar in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista SP1

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    Black title bar in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista SP1

    I am using Windows Vista SP1 and i have some problems with the title bar, Menu bar and Favorites bar for IE8. It becomes blackand cannot be seen, but the buttons and links exists, and I can click on them and they even work, but the entire field is black. Now, sometimes, without any change, when I start the new Internet Explorer 8, one or both of the bars are visible, the next time you start they are again black. I completely uninstall IE8 and re-install from a new copy of downloaded IE8. Even updated. It did not help. I used the Recovery Console to make an repair installation of Windows Vista, to no avail. This problem appeared when IE8 installed automatically by Windows Automatic Update. Does anyone know what's going on?

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    re: Black title bar in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista SP1

    This can happen because of an add-on. For this to confirm, you need to start in IE there and check it out yourself. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > click Internet Explorer without add-ons. If the menu bar and tool bar appear normal then we have to determine the problem is caused by which plugin. Restart IE8 normally and then click on tools on menu bar and select manage addons. Disable all addons and then reenable them one at a time until you find the plugin which is causing you the problem. If from IE8 without addons has no effect on the black bars then we have to say that some application or process loads at startup is causing the problem.

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    re: Black title bar in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista SP1

    I too had this kind of problem. I corrected it by doing the following procedure. My system was set for "best performance" which you can find in Advanced System Properties > Performance Options > Visual effects. Change the settings to Best Appearance and this problem will go. Once this is done, you can change it back to best performance. Done! More easier way : Click Start button > Log off and Log in again and menu bar will appear. Give it a try... Internet Explorer is a buggy browser and not many people use it...

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    re: Black title bar in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista SP1

    There might be some other problem. The blackouts occur in all applications in windows specially when the system memory is too low or the virtual memory which the Windows OS maps to use is too low. This can also happen when there are too many processes are running or even few but heavy and resource hungry applications. Also see if you have a proper antivirus and scan your computer. This memory eat up can be caused by viruses too. Also check if you have any sypware or adware which launches automatically when IE8 is launched. Unwanted stuffs pile up and eat a lot of memory which can make ur computer too slow and it feels that the applications are dying...

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