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Thread: Tutorial for using Connectify for Wifi

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    borax12 Guest

    Tutorial for using Connectify for Wifi connectify

    2.install the software

    3.the installation is simple and sweet and begins the wizard for the setup of a device can set up a ssid name for the wifi hotspot

    5.choose a wep password the start hotspot button

    7.switch on te wifi adapter on your laptop

    8.enable wifi on your device and then voila!! see the amazing wifi connection on your phone

    *note-this too, uses ad hoc connection,the default connection in windows 7 laptop is useless ,this enhances the security and also ensures seamless conneciotn

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    re: Tutorial for using Connectify for Wifi

    That is a nice tool and I had used the same before also. Some of the devices with Wi-Fi with guaranteed compatibility with Atheros AR5005GS Connectify. The developer says it is working to expand this support, as well as for the program may come to be compatible with earlier versions of Windows. Once installed and while it is active, Connectify remains an icon in the system tray and just click right mouse button to open the context menu.

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    borax12 Guest

    Re: Tutorial for using Connectify for Wifi

    yeah,nut as all wifi device coming out now esp the one with b/g/n support have a compatibility with the Atheros AR5005GS,so hence will work fine with connectify

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