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Thread: my dell laptop gives this message on start up ‘configuring windows features’, ‘reverting changes’

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    my dell laptop gives this message on start up ‘configuring windows features’, ‘reverting changes’

    I’ve a dell 8300 laptop with windows 7 operating system, whenever I turn on my laptop I get this message “preparing to configure”, “Configuring Windows features - 35% complete”, “Failure configuring Windows features. Reverting changes”, then it goes to welcome screen and start normally. This process take 10 to 15 minutes and it happen every time when I turn on or restart my laptop. Please tell me what should I do to fix this problem. Please provide me a solution to resolve this problem. Please help me. Your any advice will be appreciated.

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    Re: my dell laptop gives this message on start up ‘configuring windows features’, ‘reverting changes’

    I think you have to download a Norton removal tool, download it and save it to your desktop, close all the application which you are running. After closing all the application you need to right click on the file you saved in #1 above and to run the utility select run as administrator. Don’t press any button from your keyboard until the run is successfully complete, after the completion restart your laptop. Now reset your windows update component. After doing this step check that you’re getting this message again on your screen or not.

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    Re: my dell laptop gives this message on start up ‘configuring windows features’, ‘reverting changes’

    You have said you’re getting the message at the time of booting, but are you getting with every updtes in booting ?, at the time of booting the computer goes through many updates and you’re getting this message in one of your updates. The updates may tried to install automatically and failed to install and therefore you’re getting that message of reverting back. First you have to delete pending.xml and reboot.xml from the below given location: c:\windows\winsxs right click on the pending.xml and reboot.xml and select delete. You can also try to delete it from a command prompt, for doing that follow the below given steps :
    - Click the start button on your system select program and click accessories
    - Right click the command prompt and select the run as administrator
    - In "Administrator: Command Prompt" window, type in “c:\windows\winsxs” and press enter
    - Type del pending.xml from your keyboard and press enter
    - entere del reboot.xml and press Enter
    - now, restart your computer and check.

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    Re: my dell laptop gives this message on start up ‘configuring windows features’, ‘reverting changes’

    You’re facing problem in your updates you can check your update history to find out the actual problem. If any updates have failed you can see that in update history, see that which window updates are install. You can also disable your automatic update and download and install a updates manually. You can download the failed updates from Microsoft update center. After downloading, install the updates in your system, put the computer in clean boot before installing package of updates. After installing successfully check that you’re getting that problem or not, if you still have that problem, then I think you should format your computer. Take all your backup before formatting to avoid data loss.

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