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Thread: In what format should I render my final video

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    In what format should I render my final video

    I made a video for Youtube, unfortunately I do not very much aware that in what format should I save it. The favorite playing videos over 2GB in size are the same although they are only 15 minutes long. Does anyone know of a format by sending an application if possible HD quality still under 2GB (also possible are the best). Actually I have tried to serch solution for this issue but unable to get any success in this.

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    Re: In what format should I render my final video

    I am also going through the same issue and in my case actually I am often video editing for school projects. I want to know what format is best for video editing and get a final report with a good quality image. In the end, my movies are always bad quality. That's what I do. I film with my camera and I export to my computer. The file is WMV. Then I export video for the avi work on Adobe after Effects CS4 (to effect). Once my work is done on After Effects, I save my work in wmv. Then my video editing with video wmv worked on After Effects. Do I take good video formats? Do you have any advice for me? How to improve the quality of my video? Note that I have to also put these videos on Youtube.

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    Re: In what format should I render my final video

    However there are elements in your question may be the cause of poor quality. The first comes from the source file. You get the file through your camera in to the WMV format. This format utilize a compression ratio that can be very variable and obviously has elevated the image is degraded. WMV format uses compression algorithms to say the least, unlike H.264 or similar methods that uses motion detection, compression with prediction of movement and color variation of pixels, WMV does not embarrassed all these principles. Result if WMV is highly compressed image is degraded. So whatever I know regarding this I have just explain it over here and I hope this will help you.

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    Re: In what format should I render my final video

    So I recommend for youtube *. mp4 (even if not the best qualified), but otherwise I am not able to imagine that it comes under 2GB. I have already seen many of the namely render then wmv. And actually the standard format for YouTube in the near future VP8. So it is advisable to upload their videos in that format. So just go for that I am sure you will get the better quality of video file.

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    Re: In what format should I render my final video

    MP4, AVI, etc. are simply called "Video container"! It is crucial that compression method, that is what video codec you use. An HD video with a pretty good quality for me is as big around 700 megabytes. Purely sporadic I could recommend you the "XVid codec" in combination with an AVI Container. For rendering me the free open source tool "Avidemux" would use.

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