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Thread: Freeware image processing with RAW

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    Freeware image processing with RAW

    Hi, I'm looking for a program like Adobe Lightroom - just free. A program that can view and edit RAW files (file extension Cr2) Is there a good free alternative to Adobe? Actually I have searched a lot but unfortunately, it's not available anymore. So if you guys have any suggestion regarding this then please share it. I hope you will provide me any suggestion regarding this very soon. I just want to thank you guys in advance.

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    Re: Freeware image processing with RAW

    To my knowledge, there are customers for Canon Digital Photo Professional, the free program that can handle RAW files. Maybe you have to try Canon for once. How exactly the access is validated regarding this I do not have much more idea. But I am sure that this will definitely help you. In this I was in fact talking about “Essential” version of RAWShooter and that the company has made Free Ware and is gladly obtainable from either the web site. So just check this update over here that what you get in that.

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    Re: Freeware image processing with RAW

    I have the free version on my laptop and it will run who has camera to attempt it. Even though the pro version has more tools, Essentials is also outstanding. Presently do not expect them to support any new cameras. Adobe possesses the technology now and you will have to purchase the new Light room software to obtain it for new-fangled cameras. So just go for this I hope this will help you.

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    Re: Freeware image processing with RAW

    Recently I have been using Rawshooter Essentials since May. I akin to it a lot. It is the only raw converter which I have making use of besides the worthless program which came with my D70s, but I observe no cause to upgrade in anticipation of that I move on to a newer camera that is no longer supported. It's fast, easy, free, and has plenty of adjust ability. So for this you can use this.

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    Re: Freeware image processing with RAW

    The only free alternative that can work with Canon RAW files, the Digital Photo Professional (DPP). From the operation more complex, but provides excellent results. Should accompany your EOS. Installing from the CD and then download the update from Canon's website. Have previously worked with DPP, until I tried the trial of three Lighroom Since I am of the opinion that there's nothing like Lightroom.

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