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Thread: KMplayer media player not working in Apple MACBook Air

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    KMplayer media player not working in Apple MACBook Air

    I recently bought a Apple Mac book Air ultra portable laptop, I installed windows 7 OS in my laptop, along with the other hardware specification of my laptop are like, Intel core2 duo processor, 3 GB RAM , 456 GN hard drive along with this NVIDIA GEForce graphical interface. I mainly use this machine for gaming and some of the other entrainment purpose likes to watch movies and other video clips. For that I installed KMPlayer. But suddenly after install that, it is not running correctly. Also there is no sound out in my machine; I tried by default windows media player, which is also not giving any sound. I am very new user of this machine, so I am not having such information regarding all functionalities, so I am here for getting some suggestion regarding this issue. Any input will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: KMplayer media player not working in Apple MACBook Air

    According to the player response I suggest you to reinstall the player application program in your machine for that remove the existing one along with this also remove other file those are related with this player application and stored in to your machine. Then download the latest version from official web site and apply in your laptop. Also did you install any other graphics program in your machine with this player application? If yes, and if this one a third party application then remove that one also.

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    Re: KMplayer media player not working in Apple MACBook Air

    Regarding eth sound problem, which I was also facing in my machine after install VLC media player, though this is not coming in other players, then it is clear to me that the problem is for the sound driver. Either the driver version is out dated or corrupted by any other application program, so for that i recommend you to reinstall the sound device driver. For that insert driver installation disk and then run proceed to device manager, from there open the sound driver tab, and right click on the driver application, choose update option and then click on advanced option, this will direct you to locate the sound driver installation program from your machine or from any other locate, locate and start the installation process, at the beginning it will remove the existing one and then install the new version. Be sure that you are installation correct version of sound driver, which is properly configured with the operating system.

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    Re: KMplayer media player not working in Apple MACBook Air

    Similar issue that I am facing in my Dell inspiron one desktop computer, after install Realtak sound driver, the machine is running with windows vista OS. About the sound output is stopped after install the sound dr4iver. Actually I upgrade this one for facing some of the problems in my machine regarding the sound, where I was playing a game, but suddenly after few months, the sound is totally disabled from my machine. Along with that also the player is also stopped working, it simply crashes for few minute and then windows directs me to stop this one. I thought the problem might be for the sound driver, and I reload the driver application program. what should I do now? How to overcome from this problem? Any suggestion will be appreciated for me.

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    Re: KMplayer media player not working in Apple MACBook Air

    I was facing similar issue in my machine with VLC media player, after that I simply reload and install latest version and along with this also apply the codec file in my machine. Believe me after that there is no problem in graphics as well as the sound. So I also recommend you to reload the player version and then install the latest version, there are few codec files are available in different web sites, download and install into your machine. I hope after this, the problem will be solved. I think, this will also help you. Be sure that the codec file that you are downloading is compatible with the operating system and with the player version.

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