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Thread: Illustrator changes the color after exporting PNG

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    Illustrator changes the color after exporting PNG

    I have installed the Adobe on my Windows XP machine and I am facing some problem in an illustrator regarding the color of an image. Actually image does not show any effect until I do any action on it but as soon as I export the single colour object (PNG) from illustrator then it changes the color of an image and becomes bit more brighter then the original one. Can anybody tell me that what could be the problem over here?

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    Re: Illustrator changes the color after exporting PNG

    I guess you need to do some settings on your Illustrator regarding the color which might you have missed due to which you are facing an issue after exporting an images. I suggest you to go to the Menu File and then go to the Document Color Mode. Here you have to select for the RGB and then check that your problem disappears or not.

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    Re: Illustrator changes the color after exporting PNG

    Color to work, first bring up the color schemes and outline from the Window menu. Selection of the background and outline of objects. You can assign colors to the funds and contours of your items. Look well below the large white box, which represents the bottom of your object is placed in the foreground. To change the background color of an object, place the box in the foreground. If you want to change the outline color of an object. A simple click on the box to the forefront: In your toolbox, view the three buttons located below the boxes of colors. The first is to apply a solid color to a shape, the second gradient color, and the last can apply any color to your form. We know that color can be applied to open a form, or a closed shape. We also know that our form starts somewhere and ends at another. For color, Illustrator uses the same method. In the closed form, color is included within the route. In an open form, Illustrator color background, linking always the starting point to ending point. We see a sort of imaginary straight form. Everything is "closed" by that imaginary line was directly colored.

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    Re: Illustrator changes the color after exporting PNG

    You can compose your own colors. To do this, Illustrator offers several pallets containing scales. Bring up your color palette and click the notch (upper right). You will see a pop-down message:

    • Grayscale: Allows working with a single scale with all levels from black to white.
    • RBV: To dial your colors from a ladder to the Red, Green and Blue.
    • TSL: To change your objects using a scale of Hue (color) in degrees, saturation (% gray), Brightness (% clarity).
    • CMYK: To dial your colors from a scale for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.
    • URL: To use the RGB scale, of the 216 colors supported by Internet software. Colors Supported by Internet browsers and software for creating websites are expressed in hexadecimal form: Use only the numbers and letters hexadecimal: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and A B, C, D, E and F.

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    Re: Illustrator changes the color after exporting PNG

    I have given you some simple steps which you must follow after composing a new color, you can save it for use later.
    1. Create a new color.
    2. Your tool palette, right-click maintains a color box (or bottom edge) and drag it to your swatch palette.
    3. Release your color in the palette. It will appear in succession.

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    Re: Illustrator changes the color after exporting PNG

    You can add steps to your gradient by clicking between two notches below the scale gradient. This action will result in adding a new slot (color) you can then select and color of your choice. This way, you can add as much color you want for a gradient. Once you add an additional color gradient, you see a diamond appear again as well. It will allow you to better organize the size of each of the colors in your gradient. To remove a color gradient, you simply make a click on maintaining a notch out of the palette and release the mouse outside.

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