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Thread: Need Solution for Audio Issue on my system

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    Need Solution for Audio Issue on my system

    Hello, My computer has sound problem. It just stopped. I reinstalled the driver but of no use. Then i reinstalled windows XP,sp 2 and the driver AUD_XP_5.10.0.6201_PV from Intel website. My board is D945GCNL. I have googled on the issue many times and tried whatever i could understand. I have checked the Device Manager, there is no yellow mark, i have updated the software and it says that the software is updated. There seems to be no problem with the driver. I have checked BIOS settings and in peripheral configuration, the Audio legacy Panel is ENABLED.

    While searching, I read that in BIOS, BOARD SOUND should be enabled, but i have checked BIOS settings, Board sound isn't present, only Audio legacy Panel is, which is already enabled. The speakers are also OK cause i checked them on my friends PC.

    Please help..........

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    Re: Need Solution for Audio Issue on my system

    Do you have any audio mixer installed on your system. Do this go in control panel and look for sound and audio device. There you can see Audio section where below you can choose a output device. This option must not be grayed out. If it is then even after a driver update your sound will not work. Second thing you can try to re-install the audio driver from Device Manager.

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    Re: Need Solution for Audio Issue on my system

    Thank you I have checked...Its not..I have reinstalled the driver from Device Manager but still no sound. There is one thing which is confusing me. Before the sound stopped whenever i plugged the device in the jack, Audio I/O of the Realteak HD audio Manager helped to set the jack right. . but now it doesn't display whenever i plug in the device. Though "the auto popup when device is plugged in" is already enabled....I have attached the pic of what i am talking abt....
    Does this have to do anything with this issue or its not important if it displays or not?

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    Re: Need Solution for Audio Issue on my system

    I think this is something related to the Audio Jack which might be not functioning properly and loosing connection continuously that is why you are getting drop of connection every time. Also it can be problem with the lead of the Speaker which needs to be replaced. So i will advise you to replace the leads also and see whether this is working for you or not. I hope this will resolve your issue.

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