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Thread: Information about Autodesk NavisWorks 2011

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    Information about Autodesk NavisWorks 2011

    The solutions to the review of projects are at the heart of the work processes in Building Information Modeling (BIM). In architecture, building services engineering and plant construction are the Autodesk NavisWorks solutions are the key to coordinated real-time visualization and therefore the validation, simulation and analysis of 3D projects. The Autodesk NavisWorks product line project review functions for 3D coordination, 4D planning, photorealistic visualization, dynamic simulation and analysis. Planning and execution data can be integrated into an overall project model, which also supports complex data from building information modeling (BIM), Digital Prototyping (DP) and the plant design. The cooperation, coordination and communication in your projects more so much more efficient, so problems during planning and implementation can be excluded at an early stage.

    I am expecting some more information from the members.

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    Re: Information about Autodesk NavisWorks 2011

    I would like to discuss about the Autodesk NavisWorks Manage. With Autodesk NavisWorks Manage reduce errors and risks during construction. Planning in 4D - Simulate away the construction stages of your project throughout the construction period. Powerful tools to the core functionality of Autodesk NavisWorks Simulate enable to build on, reliable 4-D simulations of the construction process planning and collision control of several trades, such as building services to steel construction, architecture NavisWorks Manage provides the following functions, etc.:
    • Analysis for multi-disciplinary projects with high spatial complexity
    • Digital identification of collisions and conflicts before they lead to problems on the site
    • Evaluation and tracking of problem cases to resolve

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    Re: Information about Autodesk NavisWorks 2011

    Autodesk NavisWorks Simulate is also an important thing when Autodesk NavisWorks 2011 is considered. The simulation software for planning and project review, allows you to integration, analysis and communication of planning and execution data. You get a complete view of your project and can improve your decision-making, thanks to high quality information. NavisWorks Simulate enables you to:
    • Integration of large data sets - even from complex BIM and digital prototyping projects - in a central, coordinated model
    • Simulation of construction planning and analysis for site logistics and safety
    • Efficient communication of design intent and create compelling presentations
    • Improved cooperation, easier learning together and supporting interdisciplinary work processes

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    Re: Information about Autodesk NavisWorks 2011

    The free * Autodesk 3D visualization software NavisWorks Freedom can represent the overall project model to examine the extended team. NavisWorks Freedom offers the following functions:
    • Good and reliable visualization and verification of designs
    • 3D project models and 4D simulations
    • Support for feedback and interaction in all project phases
    You should keep in mind that the free products subject to the terms of the license agreement for end users, the software is loaded on the computer download.

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