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Thread: Is higher refresh rate better?

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    Is higher refresh rate better?

    I have just bought a new Hansol 950 monitor and My windows machine has an ati x600 xt graphic card. Currently I am having a refresh rate of 60 which I am looking forward to increase up to its maximum capacity. But I am afraid of any kind of problem that could arrive. Can you guys tell me that is it better to have a highest refresh rate or not?

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    Re: Is higher refresh rate better?

    The refresh rate is the number of times the computer can redisplay an image in one second. The higher it is, the picture appears stable and restful to the eyes. It is expressed in Hertz. The higher the resolution is high (ie more lines to scan) and the higher the refresh rate is low. This refresh rate is the primary criterion in terms of visual comfort. If you have a TV output on your graphics card, you may realize that a standard TV (scanning at 50 Hz) causes a very rapid visual fatigue. For intensive work on screen, the international standard is a minimum refresh rate of 72 Hz.

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    Re: Is higher refresh rate better?

    You can manually change the refresh rate through the Registry. Here's how:

    1. Click the Start button and choose Run
    2. In the window that appears, type regedit and confirm by clicking the OK button
    3. Open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch
    4. Look for key System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Class \ Display \ 0000 \ DEFAULT
    5. Double-click the entry and change the value refreshrate (Enter -1 to refresh automatically).

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    Re: Is higher refresh rate better?

    The refresh rate determines how many frames per second from the video card to the display unit to be sent. In tube devices appear 60 frames per second, "flickering". Flickering here has nothing to do with "liquid". In order to work more relaxed, can you send the tube monitor more than 80 frames per second. TFTs would itself constitute flicker frequencies of 1 Hz. 30 frames per second the human eye would be enough for a smooth impression of the image sequence. But as before the introduction of TFT such low frequencies were useless, and standards require at least or exactly 60Hz, they built the TFTs so that with these standards, so get on with 60Hz. A practical use, this may have for 3D games. If a graphics card renders 25 frames per second, it is not good to spread these 25 images to 60 images. But who has constantly 25fps, 20 fps at 30 or 60Hz are so favorable again.

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    Re: Is higher refresh rate better?

    To calculate the refresh rate of CRT monitors, you need the horizontal frequency of the monitor (see data sheet, eg 100Hz) and the desired resolution (eg 1280 x 1024)
    The formula is then:

    • Vertical Horizontal resolution * refresh rate = rate + 10%
    • (Vertical resolution of + 10%) / horizontal refresh rate = 112.64 KHz
    • Horizontal refresh rate = rate / (number of rows + 10%)

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