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Thread: Mint 10 problems with Wine and DOSEMU

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    Mint 10 problems with Wine and DOSEMU

    I installed Linux Mint 10 a few of weeks before, I installed wine and it would protest each time I attempted to unlock an .exe so I uninstalled it, because I have VirtualBox. Yesterday I installed DOSEMU, and it will not unlock, not anything occurs in any way. So I installed Dosbox and which will in fact effort. Is there some type of trouble in this release with wine and DOS? Please someone help me to know this and provide some useful information.

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    Re: Mint 10 problems with Wine and DOSEMU

    In Linux Mint 10 an executable requires to be noticeable with permission to run if it is a windows .exe - you can perform this from Nautilus by right clicking on the file and choosing Properties. After that below the permissions tab place a check in the box which says Execute permit executing file as program and strike close. That will permit you to run a windows exe below wine on Mint 10. I as well installed DOSEMU from the synaptic package installer and it appear to effort well on Mint 10 x64, shaped a launcher in the system tools portion of the menu, I clicked on it and I was watching at a c:\ prompt in no time, so that exacting trouble will possibly need quite more diagnostic effort to repair but I am certain it is fixable. Hope that assist.

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    Re: Mint 10 problems with Wine and DOSEMU

    I have been proficient to sprint Wine and DOSEMU since mint 5 Felicia. My earlier edition was 8 Helena, and they both effected well. I am utilizing the i386 version on a Dell Dimension 3100. So I again installed wine just so I can make clear what it did. I received an error message: The file '/media/TVT_RNR/Dell PC/Downloads/Windows/desktop.exe' is not noticeable as executable. If this was downloaded or imitative from an un-trusted source, it may be unsafe to sprint.

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    Re: Mint 10 problems with Wine and DOSEMU

    I just setup Mint 10 as a VM on my desktop to attempt it out, later than utilizing 9 on my laptop a little bit. I ran into this trouble annoying to setup Diablo II in wine. It is a numerous disk game; I have to duplicate all the disks out to ISOs so I can edit the permissions on the executables so I can setup it in Wine. I get the judgment of needing that executables be trusted earlier they can sprint on the system. I don't obtain the logic of basing faith on a bit that is just flexible if you have write permission on the files. Why not only prompt the user with a question on whether or not they wish to faith the file, with a default of no?

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