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Thread: Outlook 2002 Unable to save email password while running windows 7

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    Outlook 2002 Unable to save email password while running windows 7

    I am working on an old system with windows 7 installed on it and recently I have also installed the Microsoft Office XP with Outlook 2002. Now the thing here is that whenever I am sending and receiving any mail and if try to view the same then it is asking me to enter the login and password again and this is happening each and every time I am trying to have a access on the mail. I can’t figure out why my system is not able to save the password. Please help me in this case and also let me know how I can solve the issue.

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    Re: Outlook 2002 Unable to save email password while running windows 7

    The first thing that I would like to tell you here is that the outlook that you are using is giving you this problem and if you want to solve this issue then you have to just reinstall the Microsoft outlook and then install the fresh copy of the same but this time make sure that the version that you are using is the advanced on than the one you have used earlier. I am sure that reinstalling the outlook will definitely help you to solve the issue.

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    Re: Outlook 2002 Unable to save email password while running windows 7

    One thing that I want to tell you here us that the Outlook that you have installed on your windows 7 operating system is not compatible with the same and that is the reason why it is not working proper. So what you have to do here is that just check out whether the version that you have installed is compatible with the system or not and if it is not ten please don’t try and force the installation because it may harm the system.

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    Re: Outlook 2002 Unable to save email password while running windows 7

    If you will ask me then there is no solution for this problem actually the outlook is of older version and it is not suited on windows 7 operating system. But still I guess if the version of the windows 7 is Ultimate then there can be solution for this one. I am sure that if you are using the windows 7 ultimate then you will not face any problem related to the same. So you just have to check whether the operating system that you are using is the ultimate one and if it is not then you

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    Re: Outlook 2002 Unable to save email password while running windows 7

    This worked for on two users accounts in Windows 7. It is a little long so those not so technically inclined can get through it.


    Open Control Panel

    • View by large or small icons

    Open Mail (32-bit)

    • Open Show Profiles

    • Select Add a new profile and Add a new E-mail account

    Choose Server Type

    • Fill in the required Internet E-mail settings and save

    On Show Profiles Mail

    • Check Prompt for a profile to be used

    • Click Apply and OK

    Open Outlook and select the OLD Profile

    • Click on File Import and Export

    • Select Export to a File and Click on Next

    • Select Personal File Folder (.PST) and Click on Next

    • In the Export Personal Folders

    • Select the folder to export from tab Select Personal Folders and Check include subfolders. Click on next

    • Accept the name and location of the exported file and check Do not export duplicate items. Click Finish.

    Exit Outlook and open Outlook again

    • When prompted for the Profile to use select the new profile

    Select File Import and Export

    • Under Choose an action to perform select Import from another program or file. Click on Next

    • Under Select file type to import from select Personal Folder File (.PST). Click on Next

    • Under File to import Accept the file name and location

    • Check Do not import duplicate items. Click on Next

    • Under Select the folder to import from select Personal Folders and check Include subfolders. Check Import items into the same folder in. Make sure Personal Folders is entered in the block. Click on Finish

    Go back to Control Panel Mail (32-bit) Show Profiles and check Always use this profile. Click on the new profile and click on Apply and OK.

    Outlook will open in the new profile with your messages, address book, and other information and the password will be retained.

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    Re: Outlook 2002 Unable to save email password while running windows 7

    Ok thanks for recommending such useful solutions for us, it was really very helpful as well as informative. The user that he is using the Outlook program is quite old and hence advising him to upgrade to the new version would have been a good option, since such types of bugs do exist in the older version and hence it is better to try out any of the new versions of the Outlook program, so that's what i am saying here, Anyways your suggestions will also help, thanks for recommending about that.

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