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Thread: Ulead video studio 10: Sound compatibility

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    Ulead video studio 10: Sound compatibility

    I have Microsoft windows 7 and I am annoying to utilize Ulead video studio 10 on it. The whole thing works on the program apart from the sound. If I attempt to play a video clip the sound work and if I attempt to only play a sound file on its own it only says "anonymous external error". If anybody has any way out to this trouble then please, hit me with them. I mean please provide some way which help me to come out from this problem. If possible then please also provide me some information about video studio 10.

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    Re: Ulead video studio 10: Sound compatibility

    1. Which kind of audio files you are inserting to your Video Studio 10?
    2. Have you attempted to unlock the audio files by means of Media Player?
    3. Does it occur just with Video Studio 10?

    Give me some additional information on the problem so that it will be useful for me to be aware of the problem better and effort on the similar. It emerges that Visual Studio does not have a correct codec. Confirm that you have accurate codecís installed. As well attempt playing a dissimilar audio file and confirm. You should as well consider by means of Movie Maker to make a Movie and confirm if you receive the similar error.

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    Re: Ulead video studio 10: Sound compatibility

    Possibly you have a few video which you would like to make into a good small movie production, finish with transitions between scenes, background music, title text, and a few enjoyable video properties. And you can split your movies as video files for PC playback, or place for friends to analysis over the Web, or download to an iPod to catch with you, or even burn on DVD to look at in the living room.

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    Re: Ulead video studio 10: Sound compatibility

    VideoStudio utilizes a good step by step approach in its interface that makes it simple for beginners to understand what to do and how to accomplish it. VideoStudio version 10 was released in 2006 in two versions: the base VideoStudio 10 for 3110 INR and the full VideoStudio 10 Plus for 4400 INR. The Plus version, that I will detail here, adds support for superior quality formats with high-definition video, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, and MPEG 4 support as well for moveable players.

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    Re: Ulead video studio 10: Sound compatibility

    I have the same trouble. I attempt your recommended with other sound files and moviemaker. Moviemaker works very well but not Ulead 10plus. I newly heard that VideoStudio is focused on making editing clear-cut and simple, with a friendly interface, accessible controls, and text prompts. But there are times you require it even simpler, to just rapidly assemble a set of clips into a movie or DVD. So the begin screen for VideoStudio presents three choices: run the full VideoStudio Editor, or rapidly assemble a movie with the Movie Wizard, or straight transfer a videotape to disc with the DV to DVD Wizard.

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