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Thread: Getting error: “Pictures.library-ms is no longer working ”

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    Getting error: “Pictures.library-ms is no longer working ”

    I am working on the latest operating system and that is the windows 7 and that too on my Sony vaio laptop. Also everything is going well here but the only thing that is worrying me here is that I am getting an error message and that error message is popping up again and again. The error says that “Pictures.library-ms is no longer working ” I can’t figure out why this is happening and why I am getting this error please help me out of this case and also let me know why I am getting the error.

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    Re: Getting error: “Pictures.library-ms is no longer working ”

    If you want to solve this issue then you have to follow the below mentioned steps:
    • First of all you have to just open the windows explorer and then right click on the corresponding library.
    • And after right clicking you have to select the delete file option.
    • This will delete the library and before deleting it will ask you for the confirmation so just click yes.
    • Keep one thing in mind that deleting the library will not delete the subfolders.
    • I am sure that deleting this library will not give you any such issues.

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    Re: Getting error: “Pictures.library-ms is no longer working ”

    If you are getting this issue ten why don’t you perform the system restore, I guess doing system restore you will definitely help you. Actually if you are opting for the system restore then it will restore all the settings that you have made and will give you the fresh platform to work. And also the errors that you are getting will be vanished. So don’t think too much just go for it and then it will definitely help you to solve the issue.

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    Re: Getting error: “Pictures.library-ms is no longer working ”

    I have gone through your problem and it seems to me that you are getting this issue due to one or the other corrupted file. So what you have to do here is that just do the SFC scan. SFC scan is nothing but the system file checker scan it will scan for the system file and if it found any corrupted one then it will fix the file there itself. And once the error is fixed then you will not receive any such errors in future.

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    Re: Getting error: “Pictures.library-ms is no longer working ”

    Well I am also facing a similar kind of problem from last few days, actually the thing here is that whenever I try to view any particular image then it is not letting me to do the same. When I try to view an image with the help of the photo viewer then it shows me nothing in fact after that I need to restart the system itself to get back the control. I really need to fix this issue please help me out

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