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Thread: Adobe giving color issue with Windows 7

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    Adobe giving color issue with Windows 7

    I am using adobe photo shop from long time for my some photography work and I use to update its latest version time to time. But suddenly yesterday I was using adobe and I have faced one color problem with it. When I tried to get grayscale images it appears me in a purple color. I donít know how itís happen because I have never face things type of problem since the time. I have checked the settings and also try after restating computer once but it still getting same problem. I need help form you so if do you know about this so please help.

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    Re: Adobe giving color issue with Windows 7

    This problem might happen if there are any empty or dead pixels in your monitor. For this you need to contact your manufacturer. Also you can follow further steps for solve this. First click on StartCollapse this imageExpand and enter color management in the start search empty box and then use enter key on keyboard. Further in Color management dialog box you need to click on the use my settings for this device check box. Now In the profiles associated with this device menu you have to click on the color profile that you wish to delete and then click on remove. Remember If you get a warning message then click on yes. Then click on close and at last reboot youíre the computer once. Now you can check by using nay image in the application.

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    Re: Adobe giving color issue with Windows 7

    This problem can be occurs if you r system is not compatible with your application. I am giving some minimum requirement that you have to run adobe Photoshop new version. First you need Intel Pentium 4 or advanced. You will require operating system of Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate. At least 512 MB of RAM is needed. Minimum 1 GB of available space on hard disk is necessary. Monitor resolution is 1024 x 768 with 16-bit video card. DVD-ROM drive. Then for multimedia features QuickTime 7.1 software is required. If internet connection is available then itís good.

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    Re: Adobe giving color issue with Windows 7

    I think there are lots of different reasons for this type of problem. I would just suggest you to get new or fresh copy of the same or updated version. If still itís getting same problem then try that same application on different computer if still itís getting same problem on another computer then the problem is in the software not in your system. Then you just need to get new copy.

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