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Thread: From where I can obtain the sound mixer in playback or the output mode

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    From where I can obtain the sound mixer in playback or the output mode

    Hello friends, I recently got the new Sony VAIO notebook by replacing my old Laptop that is of the Toshiba. With my old Toshiba, I regularly visited music chatting room and sang songs with the help of the microphone. When I make use of the output mixer mode I can broadcast together my singing and music in the chatting room. But with the Sony, I cannot transmit music file in chatting room but I can sing and my singing can be transmitted in chatting room. I have no idea whether it is the problem with the Window 7 OS, or it is the trouble of Sony or can also be the problem of plug-in and play software give by the host of chatting room. Please help me out.

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    Re: From where I can obtain the sound mixer in playback or the output mode

    The Stereo Mix alternative will be accessible as a recording device alternative if the sound card or audio device driver supports this choice. If Stereo Mix is not programmed beneath the Sound, from that Recording Device choice, right click to choose Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices beneath the Recording Tab that is under Sound. If the Stereo Mix alternative does not display and the most recent obtainable driver for your computer audio device is installed, then you might also attempt to install the audio device driver in compatibility mode and then verify if the Stereo Mix choice becomes obtainable.

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    Re: From where I can obtain the sound mixer in playback or the output mode

    You might confirm that the most recent obtainable audio device driver offered by the PC producer is installed and then verify the problem. If you have an audio driver and codec that shows away the hardware loopback, it will still be there on the Levels tab of the Speakers tool. Though, not the entire driver shows this. If you had this alternative on XP and load the similar audio driver, it ought to be showed on Windows 7. similar with the stereo mixer. If the audio driver pictures it, then it will be obtainable. It is unseen by default on Windows 7. However on the Recording tab if you right click in the open area and choose show disabled devices, you can enable it. If a Stereo Mix device is not exposed, then the audio driver is not revealing one. If you had this alternative on XP, then please try installing the similar driver version that was formerly installed.

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    Re: From where I can obtain the sound mixer in playback or the output mode

    I think that this can be the driver problem. Might be the driver update may not be installed correctly. I recommend that you eliminate the driver, and after that run Windows Update to install it once more. (1). Click the Start button. From that navigate to the Search box and in that type "devmgmt.msc" and push Enter. (2). enlarge "Sound, video and game controllers" options, double-click on the entry of the sound card. (3). from that click the mouse to the tab of the "Driver", and then click "Uninstall". (4) Now you once again click the Start menu on the Desktop. And in the Search box enter "appwiz.cpl" and push Enter. (5). eliminate the entries related to the display adapter.

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    Re: From where I can obtain the sound mixer in playback or the output mode

    If the "Stereo Mix" sort device did Not displays in the "Sound" window when right-clicking and picking Show Disabled Devices option, it may specify that you have Integrated Sound, and recording streaming, and all that. is Not hold up. If this is the circumstances, installing a sound card into an obtainable slit must resolve the difficulty. In addition, several users said that downgrading the sound card driver to an older edition can once again solve this problem. Also, you can make contact with the manufacturer straightforwardly. Also you can make use of the third party software such as i-Sound Recorder to check if the problem can be determined.

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