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Thread: How to uninstall Netflix

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    How to uninstall Netflix

    I have got a pop up in my Windows Media Center 12 and it tells me to uninstall the software. I have never used their server nor I have paid them anytime. I am able to see an icon as a persistent advertisement but I am not getting some way by which I can remove it out of my system. Can you guys tell me how can I remove the Netflix out of my system? Please help me!

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    Re: How to uninstall Netflix

    I think there is no need to use this Netflix add in on your Windows Media Player which you can disable from the settings if you never use it. Actually using it would be showing you different kind of pop ups always as it is the plug in that stays connected with an internet connection and hence there are huge number of new things come on WWW. Just go to the tools and check that from where you can disable it.

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    Re: How to uninstall Netflix

    Whenever you want to remove any program from your machine then you should directly go to the Add Or Remove Program which is located in the Control Panel. Here you must be having Netflix program if you have installed separately on your machine after you have installed Windows Media Player. Be careful while removing the Netflix as you should not remove Windows Media Player which would be bit messing up with installation procedure again.

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    Re: How to uninstall Netflix

    There is no need to worry about the add ins working on your Windows Media Player as you just need not to check it in the installation process. But as this has been installed on your machine already then you should uninstall the Windows Media Player and then reinstall it. Once you start installing it then it would be asking you for the plug ins to install along with it, There would be several common plug ins that you can add but do not select Netflix there.

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