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Thread: Windows Media Player cannot play WMV encoded videos

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    Windows Media Player cannot play WMV encoded videos

    I think that some of the files from the Windows media player 12 are corrupted. I am not able to play WMV encoded videos with that. If I play codecs then it plays fine. If I use the Media player classic then it play WMV videos without any issue. One week earlier, it was working fine and this problem is started just now. Can you tell me that what is the problem with that and how can it be solved? I will appreciate each and every reply for this problem

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    Re: Windows Media Player cannot play WMV encoded videos

    Do you get any error message when you try to play any .wmv file? To fix this problem, my suggestion to you is to unregister wmvdecod.dll and then register that again. So re-registering can fix the problem for you. If you want to register again then you can go through the steps below and this will re-register wmvdecod.dll.
    1. Click on the start button and in the search box type cmd. Press enter.
    2. Now right click on the cmd.exe and select “Run as administrator”.
    3. After that, type below command and hit enter:
      regsvr32 –u wmvdecod.dll
      regsvr32 wmvdecod.dll
    4. Close command prompt and restart the Windows Media Player to play wmv files.

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    Re: Windows Media Player cannot play WMV encoded videos

    System Restore makes use of restore points to come back your system files as well as settings to an previous point in time devoid of affecting private files. Restore points are formed involuntarily all week, and just previous to important system events for example the installation of a program otherwise device driver. To open System Restore you have to click on Start button. Type System Restore in the search box and after that in the record of results, click on System Restore. If you are asked for an administrator password then type password and press enter. System Restore repeatedly recommends the nearly all current restore point formed previous to a important change like installing a program. You can also select from a catalog of restore points. Try to use restore points formed just previous to the date and time you started observing troubles.

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    Re: Windows Media Player cannot play WMV encoded videos

    System restore can solve the issue for you but many of the times it does not work then you need to use advanced method that is accessible in Recovery in Control Panel and this is able to let your system to a usable state. For accessing advanced recovery method you can follow the steps below.
    1. To open the Recovery, click on start and select Control Panel. In the search box, you have to type recovery and click on the Recovery.
    2. Click on the advanced recovery method and after that you have to just follow the onscreen instruction.

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    Re: Windows Media Player cannot play WMV encoded videos

    Some of the files for the Windows media player may be corrupted and so you are getting the issues like this. To fix this problem you can uninstall the Windows media player from your computer and install that again. This will create all the files again and can solve the problem for you. If possible then this time install with a new setup copy of the media player and see if it helps you or not?

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