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Thread: Rockmelt Browser: The Facebook Effect

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    Rockmelt Browser: The Facebook Effect

    Very recently i came across this browser called rockmelt.
    When a browser is created, it’s is developed in such a manner that it’s compatible with most of the latest web technologies. And if the browser is popular, then most of the websites are coded in such a way that it can be viewed properly.
    Rarely does it happen, that a website is so popular and widely used, that it can be the very reason for developing a new browser. This is what Facebook can do; you get a fully customised Facebook browser; The Rockmelt Browser.

    For nice video review visit:

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    Re: Rockmelt Browser: The Facebook Effect

    You are wrong, I tested the Rockmelt Browser on Windows 7 and it was giving me some errors. Even it was lagging so much that I immediately removed it after installation. If this Rockmelt Browser is to be compared with the buggy Internet Explorer, then I would say that Internet Explorer browser is better. Personally speaking, the best browser in the market is Mozilla Firefox.

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