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Thread: Windows Media Player: Duplicate audio file listings

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    Windows Media Player: Duplicate audio file listings

    Why do music files amassed in Windows Media Player double up? While library is released there is two of each song. Is there a setting to immobilize this duel impasse? Each music file is stored two times in Windows Media Player library If I remove one of the twice Mp3 files the subsequent time I unlock Windows Media Player music library the song is totally disappeared. Why this is happening? Anyone else have the similar issue? Or anyone knows the solution for this? Any information or help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Windows Media Player: Duplicate audio file listings

    Let's remove your database file and get your library pointed back in the accurate location. If you are sharing music form Windows Media Player you will primary require stopping the Windows Media Player Network Service. To do this: Click on the start button- enter services in the search box- Click on the top result Services and search WMPNetworkSvc in the list after that right click and choose Stop Service. After doing this: Click on start- choose Computer- Browse to c:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player. One time you are in the folder, place the CurrentDatabase_371.wmdb file and remove it. If you get permission denied message the “WMPNetworkSvc” may not have been discontinued or you may require starting again your machine. One time the wmdb file has been removed regenerate Windows Media Player and the database should start to repopulate. Please let me know if this does or does not resolution your trouble.

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    Re: Windows Media Player: Duplicate audio file listings

    I have the similar trouble with the music files copying up. I was following your suggestion but I don't contain the file path AppData below my username. My options include things like ‘My pictures’, desktop, downloads, and so on. Is there one more method to access the folder? Or is there any an additional technique to get rid of all of the two times music files? Please let me know of anyone have the solution for this.

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    Re: Windows Media Player: Duplicate audio file listings

    I was facing the similar trouble with duplicate songs in Windows Media Player, so I followed the over suggestion. Apart from for the filename being "CurrentDatabase_360", the whole thing was excellent. While restarted, Windows Media Player was repopulating the database this time with no second copy or thus it seemed. While completing repopulating, the whole thing returned to what it was like earlier. The similar songs which lived with duplicates earlier than removing the file; another time come out with duplicates. How do I get rid of the duplicates, if the over approach does not work? I should talk about that I am running Windows Media Player 11 on windows Vista and, maybe an essential thing to state, the just audio files that is mp3, which appear with duplicates, are the ones which I have ripped with Windows Media Player on the similar computer. Files which I have ripped on my laptop with a dissimilar media player do not come into view with duplicates.

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    Re: Windows Media Player: Duplicate audio file listings

    Did you prevent the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service earliest? I advise that you follow below steps to attempt resetting the media library another time:
    1. Reboot the computer.
    2. Go to Start; enter “services.msc” in the Find box, and push Enter. In Services, search the WMP Network Sharing Service. If its position is started, twice click on the service and click Stop.
    3. Go to Start, enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft in the Find box, and push Enter. This folder will launch in Windows Explorer.
    4. In this folder, rename the Media Player folder to your wish. If you cannot observe the folder, then it is possibly hidden. Set Explorer to show unseen files and folders, and to show secured system files.
    5. Start Windows Media Player, your library will have been rearranged and will be reconstructed. Confirm if the problem still takes place.

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    Re: Windows Media Player: Duplicate audio file listings

    Disabling "WMP Network Sharing Service" worked for me. Thanks!

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