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Thread: CD Ripping on Linux

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    CD Ripping on Linux

    I am not so familiar with the linux operating system and I am about to get some Movie CDs which I would like to RIP on my desktop machine running the Linux. As I am not so good a using this operating system, It would be better to know the proper procedure to rip the CDs on this OS. So that when I'll get the CDs, I won't wasting my time behind struggling for ripping the CDs.

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    Re: CD Ripping on Linux

    KAudioCreator is one of those simple software that are very well what they were written. In this case, the application for KDE is specialized in the extraction of audio tracks and encoding them. Its interface is very conventional for all accustomed to the work environment KDE, and should be fairly easy grip. Its main interest is that it retains all the power and flexibility of command line tools, while letting you use the encoder of your choice. In addition, KAudioCreator allows you to monitor current operations, allowing you at any time to know what encoding is successful, what else has failed, and, of course, interrupt or cancel operations.

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    Re: CD Ripping on Linux

    The interface is minimal, but sufficiently provided. There are the traditional menus and toolbars at the top and bottom status bar. The main window is divided into two tabs, however: the first track on the CD, can view the contents of an audio CD and select tracks to rip, the Tasks tab, meanwhile, can track the progress of work encoding and interrupt or simply cancel at will. In the File menu are concentrated most KAudioCreator opportunities, the main ones being duplicated, for faster access in the toolbar. Normally KAudioCreator should work in most cases (it probably depends distributions), the first time. Eventually, the desired audio encoders will be installed if not already available. For the rest, the software setting in the Setup menu> Configure KAudioCreator ... interface that requires a clear and precise configuration, divided into 5 distinct parts.

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    Re: CD Ripping on Linux

    You can specify here the different encoders to use, the two most common being OggEnc (to obtain file format. Ogg, free) and Blade (for files. Mp3, owner). By selecting an encoder and using the Configure button ... it is possible to specify a particular command line to force a particular behavior at the encoder. Of course, if it should affect only the handling of command line encoder is already familiar to you! You can also specify the storage location of the encoded file and its file name. Using the Wizard will not KAudioCreator luxury, the format options are numerous. You can also specify the number of files to be encoded simultaneously, the priority encoder during this operation, or specify the default encoder.

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    Re: CD Ripping on Linux

    The GeeXboX is proud to announce, after (very, too ...) the long months of development, the first alpha version of the 2.x branch distribution LiveCD-based multimedia. As usual for an alpha release, the news list is as long as the list of regressions. That said, a call for massive test is started, so that we can finalize everything at once. As announced on the project site, this new version, although still limited, brings a lot of nice features (in addition to the new GUI), such as support video decoding hardware via VDPAU (for the lucky owners of a nVidia card compatible) or video decoding software multitasking for Core2Duo processors and other new generation.

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