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Thread: Unable to add MP3s to iTunes

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    Unable to add MP3s to iTunes

    Hello friends, I am trying to restore my all the library and I am currently trying to do it artist by artist for the reason that the difficulty of several files being randomly left behind although the file format is okay. There are the some of my albums that is unable to add to the iTunes application. I am very easily been able to click to the File, and can add to library and choose the songs but they are not get added. These songs are in MP3 music format. I can also open the songs in finder and snap Get Info and it will play the preview. Any ideas?

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    Re: Unable to add MP3s to iTunes

    What you do is double-check the iTunes Library and confirm that the file is not been imported to it. After it open any of the files in the QuickTime Player and verify that it is not corrupt by playing it. After that verify that it is, actually, an MPEG Layer 3 file by receiving information on it. If it is a genuine .mp3 file, and if the NAME of the file is in the format abc.mp3 or it is somewhat like abc.mpeg3? ITunes has turned into very fussy regarding names in the previous little iteration and the files must finish with .mp3.

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    Re: Unable to add MP3s to iTunes

    I am sure that it is the difficulty with the file itself, all once at the same time as on my machine, which is running the Windows XP. I come across a file that display as an audio file but will show the troubles that you described and I still haven't originate an answer for it, the file was corrupt and I merely had to try to get an additional copy of it.

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    Re: Unable to add MP3s to iTunes

    I had the similar difficulty with a couple of bootlegged concert MP3's. I set up the fastest way was to generate an audio CD of the track/s by means of Media Player which did not have a difficulty with the tracks, these audio CD's I then split into itunes - problem get resolved. And also one of my friend had the word with the local Apple Service Centre. All they can recommend was to moreover remove the iTunes' library file, or generate copies of the mp3's in question and re-locate them.

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    Re: Unable to add MP3s to iTunes

    What you do is in the terminal, type the command
    file /path/to/weird.mp3
    now what is the result it display you out!
    /path/to/weird.mp3: cannot open (/path/to/weird.mp3)
    is this is the thing which is somewhat related to it. Getting rid of the file extensions did not assist, and Audion's detail window gives the file name. it provides not much of the help. Also you can try out to scan and repair the problem of the mp3's with mp3Val application hope this work perfectly.

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