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Thread: . NET Framework 2.0 Error in Windows 7

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    . NET Framework 2.0 Error in Windows 7

    I upgraded my system from Windows Vista to Windows 7 . I installed the Premium Home Edition. I do not why the installation took a little long than it should . It is not like my system is a bit of low configuration but in fact the modern one , when I started my system I get a strange error that states that I need .Net Framework 2.0 , please let me know how I can get rid of this sort of error as it is too much frustrating .

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    Re: . NET Framework 2.0 Error in Windows 7

    Since you said you are using Windows 7 operating system so there fore I will ask you to go in Programs and Features and in that go to in Control Panel. Then I think you should click on the start button and in that type 'turn windows features on and off' , then there you will be able to see a a checkbox, that check box is meant for .Net frameworks. There you can install both the versions of the .NET frameworks , it is advisable to use both ones because different types of application use different sort of .Net Framework.

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    Re: . NET Framework 2.0 Error in Windows 7

    The Microsoft .NET Framework is a application framework for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It includes a big library, and it chains numerous programming languages and interfaces which enables language dependency every language can use programmes written in other platform The .NET library is accessible to all the programming interfaces that is being supported by the .NET .

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    Re: . NET Framework 2.0 Error in Windows 7

    The .Net Framework 2.0. error is related with drivers of hardware which are incompatible with windows 7 operating system normally printer drivers after a windows 7 upgrade are still linked with the preceding operating system you can go to your printer or other hardware manufactures website to find and install the compatible drivers for the your new windows 7 operating system this should get rid of the .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0 error

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